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Escape From Catastrophe
1940 Dunkirk

by David J. Knowles


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Escape From Catastrophe
1940 Dunkirk

by David J. Knowles

First published 2000 by Knowles Publishing, Rochester

An illustrated card bound book; illustrated in black and white - condition is VERY GOOD PLUS with very little sign of use..

UK First class
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ISBN 0 9534358 2 2

112 pages 180 mm. x 242 mm. x 12 mm.

Weight unwrapped <460 grams. Weight wrapped <750grams.

Price £9.00 with free UK postage

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"Escape From Catastrophe: 1940 Dunkirk": A flash photograph, which used in conjunction with the scanned image to the right, shows the general appearance and condition of this book.

May 1940 'Operation Dynamo' - instigated by Churchill and commanded by Admiral Ramsey, was set up to try and retrieve members of the expeditionary forces, who with their allies the French and Belgium forces were overwhelmed by the unexpectedly rapid onslaught of the German advance. The main British force had managed to gain access to the beaches of Dunkirk, although cut off from their allies who were completely surrounded by an unexpectedly mobile enemy, and having lost their heavy equipment had little hope of holding out.

A scanned image of the front of David J Knowles’ book !

The Royal Navy sent destroyers and other small naval craft in the hope of saving about 30,00 trained men, needed to defend Britain. David J. Knowles uses the recollections of not only the army personnel's experiences but highlights the enormous efforts of the small ships boats that responded, and with great bravery assisted in taking off, at enormous risk, the army from the beaches to the larger ships waiting offshore, or indeed, back to England where, after disembarking their human cargo, many returned again and again.

At the end of Operation Dynamo 330,000 Allied personnel had been returned to Britain.

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Background adapted from an illustration in David J. Knowles' "Escape From Catastrophe - 1940 Dunkirk"