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From Normandy to the Maas with 48 Royal Marine Commando

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A black cloth bound book with bright gilt lettering to the spine in an intact dust wrapper both in FINE condition (as new).

194 pages - Profusely illustrated.
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This 1st. hardback edition
Published in 2003 by: Sutton Publishing
ISBN: 0 7509 3023 3
Available in Hardcover

D-DAY COMMANDO: 48 Royal Marine Commando, formed for the Invasion of Normandy, stormed Juno beach on June 6, 1944 and went on to fight at Walcheren, held the River Maas, fought the Germans occupying Holland and on into Germany at the war's end.

Book's jacket flap blurbs

D-DAY COMMANDO: From Normandy to the Maas with 48 Royal Marine Commando

In its short but active life 48 Royal Marine Commando was always in the thick of the fighting. In fact, its story encapsulates the course of the final year of the war in Europe. The last Commando to be formed in the Second World War, 48 RM Commando was raised in March 1944 specifically for the Normandy invasion. After just three months' training it landed alongside Canadians on Juno Beach, losing almost forty per cent of its men in a whirlwind of fire as it came ashore. Later that day it attacked the German strongpoint at Langrune suffering even more casualties. By the evening of 6 June the Commando was down to half of its original strength.

D-Day Commando by Ken Ford - book's spine.

After a spell in the line as infantry in the bloody battles for Normandy, the Commando took part in the chase across northern France with 6th. Airborne Division and helped to clear the Channel ports. In November 1944 it undertook its second amphibious assault during Operation Infatuate, the landings on the island of Walcheron at the mouth of the River Scheldt,. In the final months of the war, 48 RM Commando held the river line along the Maas carrying out numerous raids across its tidal reaches into German-held Holland and then taking part in the army of occupation of Germany. During the whole of this period it was almost continuous contact with the enemy.This image shows the front cover of the wrapper. As with all the images of the book used here it is scanned; resized but not enhanced in any way.

The spine area of this book's dust wrapper.

Combining eye-witness accounts, unit war diaries, published and unpublished sources, this is a comprehensive history of Britain's youngest Commando seen through the eyes of those who were there.

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THE COMMANDOS AT DIEPPE, Rehearsal for D-Day by  Will Fowler, , OPERATION CALDRON, No 4 Commando, Hess Battery, August 19th., 1942, ISBN 0007111258
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