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BOUNTY Mutiny Translated from Swedish.Bengt Danielsson £3.00 + P & P
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This translation 1st. 1962 published by George Allen & Unwin Ltd., London
This 2nd. edition Readers Union 1963

An green cloth bound book with silver lettering to the spine and decoration to front board - top edge of pageblock dyed blue - in Very Good condition clean with one bump - in an unclipped dust wrapper in Good Plus condition.

224 pages


This is a fresh account of the most famous mutiny in naval history. Its chief protagonist, Captain William Bligh, has become a symbol of the most monstrous cruelty—a man who flogged, starved and humiliated his crew because to do so gave him pleasure. One of the merits of this book is that it corrects this sentimental bias and reveals Bligh as a seaman of genius, a brave and resourceful man, but one who lacked the gifts of perception and patience which would have won the cooperation of his crew. Mr Danielsson's narrative is exciting and authoritative, readable and full of common sense, the work of a real sailor with an intimate knowledge of the Pacific.

Bengt Danielsson's books on the South Seas have already sold over 100,000 copies in various editions. For the last ten years he has lived with his wife and daughter in Tahiti. By profession an anthropologist and writer, he was born in Krokek, Sweden in 1921. After obtaining a Ph.D. at the University of Upsala he worked for a time among the Jibaro Indians, the so-called head-hunters of the Upper Amazonas, in 1946-7. In Lima. Peru, he met the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl and in 1947 participated in the world famous voyage of the Kon-Tiki across the Pacific. He has written both technical and popular accounts of life in the South Seas; one of these, The Happy Island, was an RU choice, a best-seller and has been translated into 16 languages. In recent years he has continued his anthropological and historical studies in Tahiti and the other Society Islands, the Marquesas Islands and Samoa and has made a field-trip round Australia by car and caravan to study the aborigines. In 1961 he was appointed Consul for Sweden in French Polynesia.



  Royal Bounty
  Stormy Passage
  Harvest Time
  Volcano on the Horizon
  The Day of the Mutiny
  In Search of a Home
  Bligh Triumphs
  The Long Arm of Justice
  The Court Martial
  The Pitcairn Settlers


Wrapper spine area
Wrapper front
Book's spine
These images on either side show the wrapper's spine area and the book's spine !
At the bottom edge of the front board can be the only major fault to this book, a bump. Remove cursor to revert to image of the wrapper's front.
These images on either side show the wrapper's spine area and the book's spine !

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