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The Whaler and The Privateers
The Story of Two Ships 1795-1807

By Diana and Colin Brown

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The Whaler and The Privateer

The Story of Two Ships 1795 - 1807

by Diana and Colin Brown

First edition published 1993 by Letter of Marque Press, Nantucket, USA

ISBN - 0 9638208 0 X

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Colour illustrated card covered booklet with many illustrations, charts and a fold-out chart explaining the transition.
Condition at least VERY GOOD - very little wear.

275 pages : 153 mm. x 230 mm. x 19 mm.

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Jacket back blurb:

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1795-1807 was a tulmultuous period in maritime history about which comparatively little has been published. This story is based on two journals - one HERO written by a Nantucket whaleman, the other by the carpenter on the English privateer that captured his ship. The history of both ships is traced from their construction until their disappearance

Scanned image of the front cover of 'The Whaler and the Privateer' by Diana and Colin Brown
"Early ninetenth century international rivalries were often personalized on the decks of sailing vessels. The story of whaler HERO and the privateer SWALLOW is one of subterfuge, capture, impressment, smuggling, forgery, false flags, slaving, individual greed, bureaucratic frustration in foreign ports, court testimony, and maritime hostages. Mate William Morris's journal confirms the active role of the Nantucket whalmen in a global industry. This carefully researched documentary description of two ships has all the elements of a thrilling sea story." - Helen Winslow Chase, Historian Nantucket Historical Association

The authors have both carried out research in various fields. Diana is descended from a long established Nantucket seafaring family. She has written a number of articles for the journal of the Nantucked Historical Association Historic Nantucket. She has also undertaken analysis in ecological and social welfare areas. Apart from military service in World War II and the Korean War, Colin worked for 33 years in Australian Government departments and for a considerable time undertook research duties. He produced many studies and reports for official use. Diana and Colin spend their time in Virginia, Nantucket, and Australia, and enjoying the exciting challenge provided by projects such as this.

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 This icon is used elsewhere in my site as a link to my WHALE BOOK PAGE @ Camberpete's Naval and Maritime book site!