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The Ship of the Line
The development of the battlefleet 1650-1850; Design, Construction and Fittings
2 volumes
Published 1983 vol I; 1984 vol II.
Conway Maritime Press Ltd., London
£105.00 plus POSTAGE

Vol.I. & Vol.II. A maroon cloth bound books with gilt lettering to spine; minimal shelf wear. No inscriptions. Contents perfect - in NEAR FINE condition.
Un-clipped dust wrapper, minimal shelf wear, inside very top edges show leach of maroon from top edge of boards which are unmarked. Both in a VERY GOOD PLUS condition. Contents of both perfect.
Vol.I. ISBN 0851772528
Vol.II. ISBN 0851772870
WEIGHT 1.6 kilo.

NOTE: These books are too large to be scanned in one by my scanner. Many images are composite.

Jacket flap blurb

The author

Brian Lavery is undoubtedly Britain's leading authority on the sailing line-of-battle ship, having spent more than six years in research on this subject. He is one of a new generation of technical historians devoted to explaining why developments take place rather than merely describing technological change. Some of his work has been published in articles in The Mariner's Mirror and Model Shipwright, and he edited and introduced the first published edition of Deane's Doctrine of Naval Architecture, 1670. As well as being an historian, he is also a draughtsman, and is currently preparing the drawings for an 'Anatomy of the Ship' volume on the 74-gun ship Bellona.

The Ship of the Line
Volume I covers the general historical background, and includes extensive tables listing all ships of 50 guns and above, divided by period, rate, class and design, with full technical data.

Volume II (to be published in the spring of 1984) is devoted to technical developments in hull design, construction, rigging, armament and fittings.

Jacket back blurb

Brian Lavery

Certain to become the definitive work, this book is a major step forward in the study of the sailing warship. For the first time, the development of the line-of-battle ship is described precisely, in terms of individual ships and classes, highlighting the factors influencing specific changes in design. This sophisticated approach allows the author to tackle a great many myths — such as the static nature of eighteenth century design, or the pre-eminence of French naval architecture — and his conclusions challenge the accepted view in many areas of naval history. For the enthusiast and academic historian alike, The Ship of the Line is essential reading for a better understanding of the navy in the age of sail.

This is a photograph !
Spine was scanned diagonally so banding,  because of a scanner fault can be seen. The actual cloth colour is uniformally green .

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