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Illustrated by Christopher Wardman Bradbury

1968 MacDonald and Co. (Publishers) Ltd., London

Dark grey cloth bound book with gilt lettering to spine. Book in VERY GOOD condition.

Dust jacket un-clipped with some rubbin to extremities wear in VERY GOOD MINUS condition.

143 pages including a useful index. 135 mm. x 204 mm. x 15 mm.



Burt Hirschfeld

In the summer of 1588 the Spanish King, Philip II, assembled the largest and most powerful fleet the world had ever seen with the object of holding the English Channel while his general, the Duke of Parma, invaded England. It was obvious that once battle was joined the outcome would determine the then foreseeable future of the world. Not only would it either confirm beyond doubt or totally undermine Spain's control of the Americas and their treasure, but if Spain were to conquer England and gain absolute command of the seas, then the Protestant Dutch would probably have to yield and Europe become wholly Catholic.

Against the mighty Spanish fleet Queen Elizabeth could only pit a sadly outnumbered force of relatively small ships. Yet, by the end of a fortnight of running engagements, the myth of Spanish invincibility had been destroyed and England had taken a dramatic step towards her own future supremacy over the seas of the world.

Burt Hirschfeld has written a fascinating study of a great naval action in which, as so often, the personalities involved, the handling qualities of their ships and a modicum of sheer luck were to prove more important to the outcome than any statistics about tonnages and broadsides. His account is detailed, broadbased and as exciting as his subject.

Illustrated by Christopher Bradbury

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