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ISBN 1902831632     

Seaman Garneray

Voyages, Adventures et Combats.

A new Translation by Roland Wilson

First 2003 by Argyll Press, Argyll.


A navy cloth bound book with gilt lettering to the spine. Very little shelf wear. No inscriptions.
Book condition NEAR FINE.
Dust wrapper is un-clipped but is a little ruffled along the front top edge; condition is GOOD PLUS

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SEAMAN GARNERAY - Voyages, Adventures et Combats.

Louis Garneray joined the Republican navy in 1796 at the age of thirteen. Three years later he was a member of the crew of the famous French privateer Robert Surcouf, operating in the Indian Ocean. He was captured in 1806 and spent the next eight years on the prison hulks in Portsmouth harbour.

Garneray was one of the rare French seamen who wrote openly about the disappointing naval strategy of the French Revolutionary government and the brutal conditions governing the life of a seaman privateer.

In an introduction to this unique book, translator Roland Wilson gives an account of the first part of Garneray's years at sea and an impression of Garneray the man, as well as a general picture of the French republican navy. Using printed and archive material in France and Britain, some useful chapter notes are provided to help assess the importance of the memoirs.
Alongside the vast literature on Nelson's navy, the French side of the story is somewhat thin. At the risk of exposing the French navy's inglorious approach, Garneray helps to redress the balance. He illustrates all the main aspects of the French presence in the Indian Ocean and he covers conditions in the navy, the rise of privateering, the ambiguous status of neutrals, especially the Danes, and the dubious assistance of French allies such as Spain.

In his writing as well as in his paintings, Garneray had an eye for detail and gave his readers a graphic, sometimes humorous picture of the strange customs he encountered in his travels