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The Life and Exploits of Admiral Lord Cochrane,
Tenth Earl of Dundonald

Illustrated by John Lawrence

1968 MacDonald and Co. (Publishers) Ltd., London

Link to another biography of Lord Cochrane in my site, this one by Christopher Lloyd published in 1947.

Dark grey cloth bound book with gilt lettering to spine. Book in NEAR FINE condition.

Dust jacket un-clipped with minimum wear in VERY GOOD condition.

172 pages including a useful index. 135 mm. x 204 mm. x 18 mm.



The Life and Exploits of Admiral Lord Cochrane, Tenth Earl of Dundonald by FRANK KNIGHT, Illustrated by John Lawrence.

The Napoleonic wars produced a group of the most brilliant young naval officers in England’s history. Even in such company, Tom Cochrane proved himself outstanding, second, perhaps, only to Nelson in daring, vision and success. Yet because he would not tolerate the almost universal corruption of his day – the enormous sums paid to officials who did nothing and the pittances paid to men who had lost arms or legs in battle – he won the tireless hatred of those in charge of the Admiralty and of the countries affairs.

Although his exploits as a frigate captain quickly became legendary, he was thwarted at every turn both in his naval service and in Parliament. Eventually his involvement in a Stock Exchange scandal for which he was not to blame, was used as an excuse to bring about his downfall. Dismissed from Parliament and the Royal Navy and stripped of his honours, he was thrown into prison.

Yet this experience only served as a start of a new career in which he was to lend his services as an admiral to three South American countries, playing a major part, with negligible forced under his command, in liberating them from their Spanish rulers. Then returning to England as a hero, he began another long fight against the authorities which finally won him back his honours and saw him appointed Admiral in Command of the North American station at the age of seventy-two. His life story is heroic, astonishing and extremely human, and Frank Knight tells it with the care it deserves and the gusto it inspires.

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