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The long haul to Trafalgar

by Christopher Lee

First published in Great Britain 2003 by Bloomsury Publishing Plc, London

ISBN 0 7475 6537 6

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Horatio Nelson is Britain's greatest naval hero; Trafalgar, in 1805. her greatest naval victory.

In his inimitable style, CHRISTOPHER LEE re-examines the myths of Trafalgar. He plots theNELSON and NAPOLEON by Christopher Lee: A scanned image of the front of the dust wrapper megalomania of Napoleon to invade England and the single-minded ambition of Nelson to seek glory and prizes. He debunks the legend that the French and Spanish sailors were cowardly. He shows how Villeneuve had worked out Nelson's famous plan of attack, which Lee argues failed anyway.

He demonstrates how Trafalgar could easily have gone against Nelson.
Through the prism of the events of the preceding years, Lee paints a picture of the personalities and the intrigues that were operating at Trafalgar, and particularly of the creation of a national hero in Nelson and his intense rivalry with Napoleon. He also explores the 'what ifs' of Trafalgar. What if Nelson had lived? What would have happened to him and Emma? And was not Admiral Cornwallis, who was nowhere near Trafalgar on the day, the real hero of the story of the duel between Nelson and Napoleon?

Nelson and Napoleon is the story that led to Britannia ruling the waves for more than a hundred years It is the biggest story to be told in Britain's maritime history.

CHRISTOPHER LEE is the author of the award-winning radio history of Britain, This Sceptred Isle, and its accompanying books, including its most recent instalment on Empire. The first Quatercentenary Research Fellow and a Gomes lecturer at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, he is also the editor of the latest edition of Winston Churchill's A Histoty of the English-speaking Peoples. As well as numerous novels, his other books include 1603: A Turning Point in British History and Eight Bells and Ibp Masts — a personal memoir of life aboard a tramp steamer. Christopher Lee has long been involved with Tall Ships sailing and was a trustee of the Sail Training Association. He is a Younger Brother of Trinity House.