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NELSON: Sir Arthur Bryant's celebrated histories of the Napoleonic wars are the perfect source for a new, vivid life of England's greatest Admiral, Lord Nelson. By careful selection and with the addition of some newly-written passages, Sir Arthur Bryant has created a colourful and highly readable history of Nelson's life for the general reader, concentrating on his major achievements, the series of great naval victories that were to give England supremacy at sea for more than a century.



First published 1970 Collins, London

Peter Padfield in his book Nelson’s War throws new and controversial light on the battle tactics of these famous actions to show just how unconventional they became. Fully illustrated, including paintings of the battle of Copenhagen that have never previously been published in this country, Nelson's War brings to life in enthralling detail the battles of the Golden Age of the Royal Navy.

Nelson's War

by Peter Padfield

First published 1976 by Hart-Davis, MacGibbon Ltd., London

Mary McGrigor’s ‘Defiant and Dismasted at Trafalgar’ is based on James Allen’s (1841) original biography of one of Nelson’s ‘Band of Brothers’, Sir William Hargood, whose ship, Belleisle (74), was in action at Trafalgar.

The Life & Times of Admiral Sir William Hargood

by Mary McGrigor
First published 2004 by Leo Cooper
an imprint of Pen &Sword Books


Bennett's The Battle of Trafalgar by Geoffrey Bennett: Captain Bennett first sets Trafalgar in the context of the world-wide naval struggle against Napoleon and, more particularly, in the campaign of which it was the culmination. However, like the noise and smoke of battle, legends have a habit of obscuring facts and, having embodied themselves in the popular imagination, are transcribed to the history books.

The Battle of Trafalgar

by Geoffrey Bennett
First published 1977 by B. T. Batsford Ltd., London
This book is not in the British BattlesSeries!

THE LIFE OF LORD VISCOUNT NELSON by T. O. Churchill: The general interest that persists in publications concerning Lord Nelson prompts us to reprint, for the first time, this contemporary life. Although by no means the best of the many lives available, it does hold some interest as reflecting the man as he appeared to his contemporaries.


by T. O. Churchill
Originally published 1808
see title page for details of this edition.
Reprinted 1962

THE LIFE OF NELSON by Robert Southey 1884 who writes “Many lives of Nelson have been written: one is yet wanting, clear and concise enough to become a manual for the young sailor, which he may carry about with him till he has treasured up the example in his memory and in his heart. In attempting such a work, I shall write the eulogy of our great naval hero; for the best eulogy of NELSON is the faithful history of his actions; the best history, that which shall relate them most perspicuously.”


by Robert Southey
Bickers and Son, London

Nelson's Mediterranean Command by Denis Orde: Admiral John Orde, an ancestor of the author, a rival of Nelson describes the conflict between Orde and St. Vincent was personal, not least over the appointment in 1798 of Nelson to command a Mediterranean squadron to follow Napoleon's fleet - a position which placed him above more senior officers such as Orde.


Mediterranean Command
Concerning Pride, Preferment and Prize Money

by Denis Orde

THE AGE OF NELSON by G. J. Marcus: The 'Great War', as Englishmen of the nineteenth century called it, can be seen to have begun with the firing of the Brest shore battery on the sloop Childers and ended with Napoleon on the poop of the Bellerophon, bound for St. Helena. The years between—Jervis at St. Vincent, the naval mutinies of 1797, blockade, convoy, the strangling of the Emperor's 'Continental System,' Nelson at the Nile and Copenhagen, the Peninsular War, the War of 1812, and the Hundred Days—are limned unforgettably in these scrupulous yet inevitably stirring pages.

The Royal Navy in the Age of Its Greatest Power and Glory 1795-1815
by G. J.Marcus


'The Young Nelson in the Americas' in which the author, Tom Pocock, states that the most exciting and dramatic passage of his American service has hitherto been strangely neglected — the ill-fated Nicaragua campaign. This was a daring scheme concocted by the Governor of Jamaica during the War of American Independence for cutting the Spanish American Empire in two and anticipating the Panama Canal by securing direct access to the Pacific.


1st. 1980
Published by William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd., London

In this absorbing book, NELSON: A personal History, Christopher Hibbert recounts in detail the events of those years, from the morning when the small midshipman stood nervously on the dockyard at Chatham, wondering how to get aboard his ship and enter the strange wooden world of the Navy, until the long afternoon when, as Admiral, he lay dying in the dim light of the swaying lanterns below the Victory's waterline, while the cannon roared on the gun-decks above his head. We see Nelson ashore as well as at sea, as an attentive though frustrated officer on half-pay in East Anglia; in Naples as the passionate lover of Emma, the Cheshire blacksmith's daughter who had become the wife of the British envoy at the Neapolitan court; and at home at Merton Place in Surrey, playing with the adored little girl whom he could not acknowledge as his daughter.

NELSON: A Personel History

by Christopher Hibbert

First published 1994  by Viking

Letters from LORD NELSON Compiled by GEOFFREY RAWSON: The letters have been selected from those first printed by Sir Harris Nicolas more than a century ago, and from the Morrison collection of correspondence between Nelson and Lady Hamilton, which was privately printed more than half a century ago. They have been selected, edited and arranged by Commander Geoffrey Rawson, who has added a minimum of explanatory notes.


1st. 1949 Staples Press Limited, St. albans, Herts.

THE HERO by Frank Knight: From the first Nelson consciously set out to become a hero. To a puritanical religious faith and a fiery patriotism he added a complete mastery of his chosen profession. The perfect officer, his formula was constant work; his victories, seemingly the fruits of rashness, were in fact solidly based on knowledge and experience—along with a hint of intuition.


by Frank Knight

First published 1969 by MacDonald and Co. (Publishers) Ltd., London

HORATIO NELSON and the Naval Supremacy of England by W. Clark Russell with the collaboration of William H. Jaques, one of The Heroes of the Nations series edited by Evelyn Abbott. First published in 1890 this is the 1905 edition republished for the Trafalgar Centenary and the illustrated appendix includes descriptions of the class and types of ships, rating, tonnage, armament, and provides a source for the shift in the accepted location of Nelson’s embarkation to join H.M.S. Victory.

HORATIO NELSON and the Naval Supremacy of England by W. Clark Russell with the collaboration of William H. Jaques, one of The Heroes of the Nations series edited by Evelyn Abbott. First published in 1890 by G. P. Putnam's Sons, London & New York this 1905 to coincide with Trafalgar Centenary by The Knickerboker Press, New York

TRAFALGAR by Alan Frederick Fremantle: A 1933 account of the battle in the Great Occasions series. Illustrated plus maps diagrams and a useful bibliography and an index.


Great Occaisions series
by Alan Frederick Fremantle
First published in 1933 by Peter Davies Limited

Andrew Lambert demonstrates how Nelson elevated the business of naval warfare to the level of the sublime. Nelson's unique gift was to take that which other commanders found complex, and reduce it to simplicity Where his predecessors and opponent saw a particular battle as an end in itself, Nelson was always a step ahead - even in the midst of terrifying, close-quarters action, with officers and men struck down all round him.


First published in Great Britain 2003 by Bloomsury Publishing Plc, London
England Expects by Dudley Pope: AT TWO a.m. on a foggy November morning in 1805 a bedraggled young naval officer strode into the Admiralty and told the startled Secretary to the Board: 'Sir, we have gained a great victory; but we have lost Lord Nelson!' Dudley Pope tells for the first time the complete story of the year 1805, ending with the victory at Trafalgar, and seen through the eyes of the seamen, soldiers and civilians of Britain, France and Spain.

The saga of 1805, the year of Britain's danger, and the great victory of Trafalgar by Dudley Pope

1st. 1959 Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London

TRAFALGAR CAPTAIN: Durham of the Defiance

First published in Great Britain 2005 by Temous Publishing,
Pen & Sword Books Ltd., Stroud, UK.

NELSON by Clennell Wlkinson (1931): A little dated now but still a very useful and scholarly biography

NELSON by Clennell Wilkinson

First published August 1931 by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., London
Reprinted October 1931.

NELSONIAN REMINISCENCES Leaves from Memory's Log by Lieutenant George Samuel Parsons R.N.: George Parsons joined the Royal Navy in 1795 at the age of eleven, and was an impressionable midshipman of thirteen at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent, which he describes in this book in telling detail. He subsequently served with Nelson at the Battle of the Nile, and at Naples, aboard the Foudroyant, where he encountered the fair Lady Hamilton. Later, he was for a while on the West Indies Station and was involved in action against the Dutch, and in the blockade of the island of Curacao.


by Lieutenant GeorgeSamuel Parsons
This edition 1973 by George Mann Ltd., Maidstone
Originally published as "Nelsonian Reminiscences: Leaves from Memories Log" published by Saunders & Otley, London in 1843

NELSON by Roy Hattersley: Horatio Nelson, one of the greatest seamen of all times, is the authentic hero of British history. His three great victories — at the battles of the Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar — assured him of his country's gratitude : the manner in which they were won added glory to success.


by Roy Hattersley

First published 1974 by SATURDAY REVIEW PRESS, New York.

In Men of Honour, Adam Nicolson takes the Battle of Trafalgar, fought between the British and Franco-Spanish fleets in 1805, and uses it to examine our idea of heroism and the heroic.


by Adam Nicolson

In Men of Honour, Adam Nicolson takes the Battle of Trafalgar, fought between the British and Franco-Spanish fleets in 1805, and uses it to examine our idea of heroism and the heroic.

The Story of Nelson’s Portsmouth by Jane Smith tells a familiar tale in a fresh way using his letters within the context of Portsmouth and its citizens.


by Jane Smith

The Story of Nelson’s Portsmouth by Jane Smith tells a familiar tale in a fresh way using his letters within the context of Portsmouth and its citizens.

Nelson and Napoleon: Christopher Lee demonstrates how Trafalgar could easily have gone against Nelson. Through the prism of the events of the preceding years, Lee paints a picture of the personalities and the intrigues that were operating at Trafalgar, and particularly of the creation of a national hero in Nelson and his intense rivalry with Napoleon. He also explores the 'what ifs' of Trafalgar. What if Nelson had lived? What would have happened to him and Emma?

NELSON and NAPOLEON: The long haul to Trafalgar

by Christopher Lee
First published in Great Britain 2003 by Bloomsury Publishing


NELSON THE COMMANDER by Geoffrey Bennett: Did Nelson really earn the fame and honor that history has heaped on him?  Did his strategy match his tactical skill? What were his qualities as a sea commander? Complete with 66 paintings, engravings, drawings and specially prepared maps, this biography of the greatest of naval commanders will be as warmly welcomed by the general reader as by the student of history.


by Geoffrey Bennett
1st. published by B. T. Batsford Ltd., London

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