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' Mutiny on the Bounty ' - a novel

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Mutiny on the Bounty novel by Charles Nordhoff+J.N.Nall
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Mutiny on the Bounty


Charles Nordhoff
James Norman Hall

1st. 1932
This Atlantic Monthly Book Club edition 1960


A blue cloth bound book with navy lettering to spine and front board top edge of page block stained pink - some slight shelf rubbing in near VERY GOOD condition in a chipped, torn and repaired dustwrappper


Jacket flap blurbs

In the annals of the sea there is no more fascinating story than that told in this novel — the story of H.M.S. Bounty, which set sail from England in 1787 bound for Tahiti. In charge was Lieutenant Bligh, a harsh taskmaster. Interminable storms lengthened the voyage, rations ran low, and, as his temper increased, Bligh raged at his underfed and embittered crew. The halcyon days that followed their eventual arrival at Tahiti, the soothing influence of the women and the fresh food, quieted the men. But shortly after the return voyage had begun, Bligh's tyranny once more brought rebellion to the breaking point, and with the island still fresh in their memory, the men suddenly rose in mutiny. Then followed adventures which literally have no parallel in naval history: Bligh and eighteen loyal seamen incredibly crossing 3600 miles in an open boat; the mutineers with their native wives seeking refuge after refuge in the island kingdom, while in far-off England the law of the sea began to stretch forth its hand.

James Norman Hall and Charles Nordhoff lived in Tahiti for many years, and their knowledge of the South Seas gave them a unique understanding of the Bounty's story. In addition to this, they had access to the Admiralty's records and maps and Bligh's journals, the confessions of the mutineers, and the day-by-day account of the court-martial. From such material they drew a novel which must take high place in the literature of the sea. The story of Roger Byam, who was by turns a midshipman on the Bounty, a chieftain by adoption in Tahiti, a mutineer condemned to death, and a sea captain under Nelson — his is a narrative few can forget.

Jacket painting by John Alan Maxwell - Lettering by Sam Bryant

Blurb from back of Jacket that outlines the remainder of this trilogy

The story of the Bounty will be told as long as men sail the sea. The complete drama is available in these three individual volumes :

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY gives an unforgettable picture of the British navy at the time of Nelson; it describes the historic voyage, the mutiny which Captain Bligh brought upon himself in the South Seas, and the days of idyllic happiness which followed for those of the crew who returned 'to stay at Tahiti, before they were captured and brought back to England to stand trial as mutineers.

MEN AGAINST THE SEA, the second volume, is the story of the eighteen loyal men who, with Captain Bligh at the helm, were set adrift by the mutineers in the Bounty's longboat. It is the account of their 3600-mile voyage in an open boat, one of the greatest feats of courage and endurance in the annals of the sea.

PITCAIRN'S ISLAND, the third and climactic volume, is the chronicle of those mutineers who escaped capture and, fleeing from the world with their native wives, found refuge in the loneliest island of the Pacific. They lived undiscovered for eighteen years and in that time founded a primitive community whose peace was shattered by a struggle of bitter vengeance.

These three famous books are also available in a single volume: THE BOUNTY TRILOGY, Wyeth Edition, comprising the three volumes MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, MEN AGAINST THE SEA, PITCAIRN'S ISLAND


Spine area of jacket
Front cover of jacket
Title page superimposed on front board

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