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First published in Great Britain in 1991 by Michael Joseph.
This paperback edition published in 2001 by Phoenix Press,
Orion Publishing Group Ltd., London

ISBN 1 84212 454 4

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Mrs Fraser on the Fatal Shore by Michael Alexander: A scanned image of the front of this card covered book.


The true story behind one of the great Australian legends.

In 1836, the barque Stirling Castle was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef and the crew and the captain’s wife, Mrs Fraser, were cast ashore on the coast of what is now Queensland.

Captured by aborigines with cannibalistic tendencies, Captain Fraser and his wife were stripped naked and driven into the bush. Fraser was then murdered and his wife, a lady of genteel upbringing, was tortured and made to perform humiliating tasks as the slave of the tribe. Having given birth in an open boat, her baby was immediately drowned and she was forced instead to mother an aboriginal child ‘one of the most deformed and ugly looking brat my eyes ever beheld’.

A remarkable rescue by an Irish convict, posing as a ‘ghost’ of a dead warrior, saved Mrs Fraser whose subsequent misadventures in England provide an intriguing finale to this extraordinary story.

‘Michael Alexander writes extremely well and has done a masterly job of unravelling, what actually happened’
Selena Hastings, Sunday Telegraph

Mrs Fraser on the Fatal Shore by Michael Alexander: A scanned image of the spine area of the dust wrapper.

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