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First Voyage:

First published in 1954 by Andrew MelroseLimited.

Condition: A green cloth bound book with gilt lettering to spine some very light shelf wear - pages immaculate - VERY GOOD PLUS condition. Dust wrapper some chipping to top and bottom of spine area, some blind tears, unclipped in VERY GOOD MINUS condition.

£4.00 plus Postage..

Jacket front flap blurb:

"Packed with incident—all told in a most colourful style .. . obviously written by a man who knows the sea."

John Gwyther , F.R.G.S.

The author, who served in the Royal Navy and knows the Pacific well, has written an outstanding book on the first voyage of the redoubtable Captain Cook. The tang of the brine is on every page, the creak of the mast and cordage echoes again and again, we are never far from the sound of wind and tumbling waters.

The reader is carried along on a brisk and exciting stream of narrative, moving from port to port, from island to island, through chapters crowded with vivid and exciting incident. There are masterly descriptions of nature and of native customs, and of the natives' reaction to the first coming of the white men.

The hardships of life at sea in the eighteenth century, the appalling penalties for minor crimes, the ferocious brutality of Naval Officers, the monotony and dangers of bad food, the stolidity and bravery and loyalty of the English seaman-explorer spring into vivid reality.

This is a book to capture the imagination and to fire the reader's enthusiasm.



  1. "The Farmer's Boy Goes to Sea" 1728-1767
  2. "The Ship and Her Company" December 1767-August 1768
  3. "Passage to Rio De Janeiro" August—December 1768
  4. "Rounding Cape Horn" January—March 1769
  5. "Otoheite" April 1769
  6. "More of Otoheite" April-July 1769
  7. "Into the Unknown" August-October 1769
  8. "Staaten Land" October 1769-March 1770
  9. "Terra Australis" March-May. 1770
  10. "Sailcloth and Sheep's Dung" May June 1770
  11. "Endeavour River" June-August 1770
  12. "Back on the Map" August-September 1770
  13. "Farewell to the South Seas" September 1770—June 1771

Principal Sources

List of Illustrations

      1. A Maori Girl
      2. Sailors carousing before sailing
      3. A page from the official copy of the "Journal of the Proceedings of His Majesty's Bark the Endeavour in a voyage round the world performed in the years 1768-1771 by Lieut. James Cook, Commander"
      4. Joseph Banks
      5. Deck scene 1775
      6. The Endeavour
      7. The frozen wastes of Christmas Sound, Tierra del Fuego
      8. A Polynesian maiden
      9. Tahiti
      10. Tahiti: an inland view
      11. Otoo, King of Tahiti
      12. Maori man and woman
      13. Maori woman wearing the valued kiwi and Kaka kakahu cloak
      14. Captain James Cook
      15. Cape Runaway, from Waihau Bay in the Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand
      16. A Maori in Cook's time
      17. Maori dance of welcome
      18. Cape Maria Van Diemen, North Island, New Zealand
      19. Cape Reinga—in the far north of New Zealand
      20. Feeding the Tohunga ( or High Priest)
      21. Another view of Cape Reinga
      22. A chart drawn by Cook's own hand
      23. Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand
      24. The west coast of New Zealand
      25. Aborigine
      26. Aboriginal canoe
      27. Australian aborigines. "Armed with a weapon resembling a scimitar which," said the Sergeant of the Marines, "shone like a musket"
      28. The aboriginals' love for turtle ended in an ugly incident - finally forcing the English to keep them at a distance
      29. The aborigines never once evinced amazement at the sight of the Endeavour
      30. Cook wrote of the aboriginals' shelters (gunyahs): "Just high enough for a man to sit upright in, but not large enough for him to extend himself in his whole length in any direction"
      31. A close-up of coral
      32. The Great Barrier Reef
      33. Aborigine: note the wooden shield, which, with pathetic ignorance, they tried to ward off musket fire
      34. The Great Barrier Reef: for every one such rock that could be seen, there were ten submerged waiting to impale the little ship
      35. A gap in the Great Barrier Reef. It was through such an opening that Cook twice shot the Endeavour—superb seamanship only equalled by its daring
      36. Aborigines with spears
      37. Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef
      38. Captain Cook, at Botany Bay in 1770, proclaiming New South Wales a British possession
      39. In the chains—"Heaving the lead", from a contemporary coloured etching
      40. Chart of New Zealand, drawn by Molineux
      41. and 41. The charming women of Tonga
      42. South Sea Island woman from New Caledonia
      43. Eleven-year-old Samoan husking a coco-nut with his teeth
These images show the condition of this book which is "As New" !
These images show the condition of this book which is "As New" !
These images show the condition of this book which is "As New" !

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