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The saga of 1805, the year of Britain's danger, and the great victory of Trafalgar

Dudley Pope

1st. 1959 Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London

A VERY GOOD PLUS condition black cloth bound book with gilt lettering to the spine. Pages, illustrations and fold out plan of H.M.S. Victory immaculate. Dust wrapper price clipped and edge rubbed , particularily along the top edge VERY GOOD MINUS condition

£12.50 + P & P

England Expects
Dudley Pope

AT TWO a.m. on a foggy November morning in 1805 a bedraggled young naval officer strode into the Admiralty and told the startled Secretary to the Board: 'Sir, we have gained a great victory; but we have lost Lord Nelson!'

Thus Britain heard the news of the Battle of Trafalgar. Now Dudley Pope tells for the first time the complete story of the year 1805, ending with the victory at Trafalgar, and seen through the eyes of the seamen, soldiers and civilians of Britain, France and Spain.

A small flash photograph to give an idea of the general appearance and condition of this book.He describes the events leading up to the engagement: the building of the vast French invasion fleet to carry the army of 150,000 with which Napoleon planned to crush England; the rude measures taken for our Island defence. He gives a complete picture of the appalling conditions aboard an English man-o'-war.

And finally, shot by shot and thrust by thrust, the great battle itself is fought again. Men fall, ships are captured. The whole stirring account is seen through the eyes of the ordinary seaman as well as Nelson and his admirals, of the French and Spanish as well as the English.

The year 1805 was one of the most dramatic in the whole of British history and Dudley Pope, using many unpublished documents, illustrations and dozens of eye-witness accounts of the battle, describes it with the brilliance which led the Observer to describe his 73 North as 'the most exhaustive study of a naval action ever written'.

Jacket painting by Harold Wyllie, OBE


1 Pickle Comes Home
2 Price of Victory
3 Jumping 'the Ditch'
4 Martial Muddle
5 The Navies
6 Salt-pork Days
7 Napoleon Snubbed
8 The Emperor's Plan
9 The Great Chase
10 The Rendezvous
11 Twenty-five Days
12 News at Last
13 'It is Treason !'
14 Rattling the Bars
15 The Nelson Touch
16 Council of War
17 Signal Number 370

18 'Prepare for Battle'
19 'Britons, Strike Home !'
20 Perdidos!
21 Nelson is Shot
22 The Broadsides
23 Duff is Killed
24 The Sharpshooter
25 Jeanette's Rescue
26 'Noble Madness'
/> 27 The Bargain
28 The Great Gale
Notes and Bibliography
Appendix I: Combined Fleet
Appendix II: British Fleet
Appendix III: Nelson's Memorandum


1 The schooner Pickle arrives off Falmouth
2 Nelson
3 Sir Henry Blackwood
4 Nelson leaves England for the last time
5 Captain Lucas
6 Rear-Admiral Magon
7 Part of a letter written by the King's secretary to William Marsden
8 Collingwood
9 Nelson's Hardy
10 Captain George Duff
11 Nelson explains his plan of attack before the Battle of Trafalgar
12 The Victory sails down to break the enemy line
13 Captain Codrington's view of the battle from the deck of the Orion
14 The gun-deck of a line-of-battleship
15 The Santa Ana at bay
i6 Captain Digby's view of the battle from the deck of the Africa
17 The great storm after the battle
18 The Belleisle breaks the enemy line
19 The dismasted Belleisle
20 'Crippled but Unconquered'—the rescue of the Belleisle
21 The Death of Nelson
22 The Victory at the close of day

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