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Captain Bligh



First published by Robert Hale & Company., London 1976

1st. published 1976

A brown cloth bound book with gilt lettering to the spine in Very Good Plus, it might even be Near Fine, condition in an unclipped dust wrapper in Very Good condition.

212 pages

ISBN 0 213 16584 8



William Bligh is remembered as the ruthless martinet who drove the crew of the Bounty to mutiny, and survived an incredible open-boat voyage across the Pacific to launch a manhunt for the mutineers. A good seaman, perhaps, but a tough sadistic bully is the popular image of Bligh.

In his new biography Richard Humble reveals that Bligh was a dedicated professional with standards far higher than most of his contemporaries. He kept his men healthy at sea, judged each disciplinary case on its own merits, and dealt out remarkably light floggings. If a man did his duty honestly, no matter how lowly his rank, Bligh would spare no effort to ensure that merit was recognized and rewarded by promotion. It is often forgotten that Bligh was master of the skills of surveying and map-making, and a successful navy commander in the war against revolutionary France.

Richard Humble studies the life of Bligh in depth, carefully setting his well-known failures against his achievements, thus destroying one of history's popular myths and ranking Bligh as one of the most talented and underrated commanders of the Royal Navy.

The author

  Richard Humble was born in 1945 and educated at Epsom and Oriel College, Oxford, where he specialized in Military History. He graduated in 1966, and started work immediately on a successful eight-volume history of World War II, and later edited an illustrated partwork of Churchill's History of the English-Speaking Peoples. He married in 1974 and has recently published Hitler's Generals, Marco Polo in the Great Lives series edited by Lady Longford, and The Fall of Saxon England.



INTRODUCTION : The Stamp of Infamy

PART I Captain of the Bounty

1. Lure of the South Seas
2. Master and Pupil
3. The Shadow of Tragedy
4. HMS Bounty
5. Outward Bound

PART II `Deep Plann'd Acts of Villainy'

6. Flashpoint
7. Against All Odds
8. Manhunt and Trial
9. Mission Accomplished

PART III Hollow Glory

10. Mutiny at the Nore
11. Camperdown and Copenhagen
12. Aftermath of Bitterness
13. The Troubled Colony
14. The Last Mutiny

EPILOGUE : `His Temper and Prejudices'





William Bligh
Elizabeth Bligh
Adventure Bay, Tasmania
Mutineers seize Captain Bligh on the Bounty
Richard Parker
The Nore Mutiny
Execution of Parker
Battle of Camperdown
Bligh's ship Director
Bligh's ship Glatton
Battle of Copenhagen
Bligh's arrest in Australia

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