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Captain Bligh & Mr Christian



First published by Hutchinson & Co., London 1972

This edition issued by the Readers Union Book Club solely for its members in the Readers Union Group in 1973.

A blue cloth bound book with gilt lettering to the spine in Very Good condition in a dust wrapper - unclipped, scuffed with a blind tear and sunned spine in Good condition.

320 pages



Captain Bligh & Mr Christian

The main outline of the Bounty mutiny is widely known. But it is only when the characters and events are viewed in depth that the classical quality of the saga becomes clear, as is shown in this long, deeply studied account, which has taken the author from Christian's birthplace to the scene of his death on the other side of the world. This is certainly the fullest, most thoroughly researched account of the mutiny to appear in recent years and it makes use of sources which have never before been used by historians. The author traveled many thousands of miles in the course of his researches; the result is an exciting book, lavishly illustrated, full of maps and pictures never before reproduced, including original, phenomenally accurate charts and sketches.

Voted 'Best Book of the Sea' by the Daily Express in 1972, this is a stirring story of conflict, tragedy and retribution..




`I am in hell'
`A fatal turn to the affair'
`A great man for the women'
`Songs were made on him extolling his kindness'
`The Paradise of the World'
Prelude to Mutiny
`The eyes of famine'
`The great rock'
Pandora's Box
Pitcairn Island: `humanising the rude savages'
`The worst of serpents'
`A crime of so black a nature'
Note on Sources Index




Bligh's drawings of the Hawaiian islands
Bligh's chart of the Hawaiian islands and sketch of Karakakooa Bay.
H.M. Ships Resolution and Discovery at anchor in Karakakooa Bay.
`My beloved Betsy'. Elizabeth Bligh
Adventure Bay, Tasmania, from Bligh's sketch when sailing with Cook in 1777
Bligh and his loyalists cast adrift in the Bounty's launch.
Matavai Bay, from a contemporary sketch.
Nomuka. A highly stylised drawing, published sixty years before the Bounty's arrival
The launch with Bligh and his men in heavy seas.
Peter Heywood's sketch of H.M.S. Pandora foundering
William Bligh as a discredited and unpopular figure in 1794
The page from Hawkesworth's Voyages which attracted Christian to the uninhabited island of Pitcairn
Landing in Bounty Bay in 1825
Jack Adams's house
Jack Adams in 1825
Thursday (later Friday) October Christian, son of Fletcher and Isabella Christian. Drawn in 1825 Bligh's last mutiny—the Rum Rebellion

Illustrations in the text

Bligh's marginal note to Captain King's account
Sketch of bread fruit
The Bounty's `garden'
Sketches of the .Bounty
Matavai Bay
Polynesian canoes
The Bounty's launch
Bligh's log
N-E Coast of New Holland
John Adams's handwriting

Wrapper spine area
Wrapper front
Book's spine
Wrapper's spine area
Wrapper front
Book's spine

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