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Sir John Barrow
Lt. William Bligh
Greg Dening
Kenneth S. Allen
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A reprint of Bligh's own account of the Bounty Mutiny. Bligh published his narrative in 1790 to try and vindicate himself from the charges that he had ill-treated and cruelly abused his crew. Many of these charges had been circulated by the wealthy families of Fletcher Christian and Peter Haywood, and Bligh was not entirely successful in his aim.
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C. S. Wilkinson
Bengt Danielsson
Paul Brunton (ed)
Gavin Kennedy
The Wake of the Bounty is a literary detective story. Many stories abound that Fletcher Christian returned to England after the Mutiny.  C. S. Wilkinson makes a remarkably strong case for believing that Coleridge's The Ancient Mariner was, in fact, Fletcher Christian based on the surprising coincidence of dates and times which connect the writing of The Ancient Mariner and the return of Christian, the relationships which existed between Fletcher Christian and Wordsworth, and Wordsworth and Coleridge.
Captain William Bligh, has become a symbol of the most monstrous cruelty—a man who flogged, starved and humiliated his crew because to do so gave him pleasure. One of the merits of this book - What Happened on the Bounty by Bengt Danielsson is that it corrects this sentimental bias and reveals Bligh as a seaman of genius, a brave and resourceful man, but one who lacked the gifts of perception and patience which would have won the cooperation of his crew.
This book has facimiles of letters written by Bligh while recovering from the voyage in an open boat from Tahiti to Timor. They are his personal accounts, written for private reading by his family and friends. Click for more . . . .
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Caroline Alexander
Bob Blundle
!an Barclay
Caroline Alexander brilliantly shows how, "The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty" in a desperate attempt to save one man from the gallows and another from ignominy, two powerful families came together and began to create the legend we know today.
In Bob Mundle’s BLIGH - MASTER MARINER meet a twenty-four year-old Master Bligh as he witnesses the demise of his captain and mentor, Cook; a 34-year-old Lieutenant Bligh at the helm of the famous Bounty then cast adrift by Fletcher Christian on an epic forty-seven day open-boat voyage from Tonga to Timor; and a thirty-six-year-old Captain Bligh as he takes HMS Providence, the company of a young Matthew Flinders, on a grand voyage to Tahiti and back.
The Bounty Bible by Ian Barclay: A religious publication telling the story of the Bounty mutineers and their eventual settlement on Pitcairn Island, and how they found salvation and happiness after finding the Bounty's bible. An interesting addition to a Bounty aficionado's collection is Lynette Hardwick's intriguing artistic viewpoint, brought to life in her wonderful illustrations.

Richard Hough
Richard Humble
Arthur Hawkey
C. Nordhoff & J. N. Hall
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