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SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE NAVY 1793-1815 Michael Lewis
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1793 -1815

Michael Lewis
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1960 First by
George Allen & Unwin Ltd, London

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The men who, to paraphrase the Younger Pitt, saved England by their exertions and Europe by their example, were, primarily, her sailors. The naval officers and men of 1793-1815 have never yet been studied as a single entity, as members of a living, growing profession; and this book is a serious attempt to fill the gap. It follows them from the cradle to the grave. It examines their parentage and home backgrounds, both social and geographical; how they were entered and recruited; how they were promoted—or not, if they were not fortunate enough to enjoy `Interest'; how they were housed and fed on board, from the lordly Captain to the humblest Boy; how they were rewarded—their pay, allowances, prize-money and other possible emoluments; and, finally, the price they paid for saving Britain —their losses by enemy action, accident and disease. It is a fascinating, often surprising story, and, historically, a most significant one. For not only are the hardships and frustrations here described the growing-pains of the modern naval profession : the whole is a social study of one complete cross-section of contemporary Britain.




FOREWORD 'The Great War'

Social and Geographical

INTRODUCTORY 'Quarter-Deck' and 'Lower Deck'

I Parentage: Social Background
II Homeland: Geographical Distribution

Problems of Recruitment

III The Lower Deck: The Volunteer, the Press and the Quota
IV The Quarter-deck: Old and New Entries

Prospects, Conditions of Service and Rewards

V The Naval Hierarchy: Rank, Promotion, and Appointments
VI The Naval Hierarchy: 'Interest'
VII The Ship Hierarchy: The Captain and the Wardroom
VIII The Ship Hierarchy: The Rest of the Ship's Company
IX Inducements: Pay and Compensation
X Inducements: Prize and Freight

Action, Accident and Disease

XI The Cost in Ships: British and Foreign
XII The Cost in Lives: 'The Violence of the Enemy'
XIII The Cost in Lives: 'The Dangers of the Sea'



  • The warship of 1814: H.M.S. Britannia
  • Edward Pellew Viscount Exmouth (showing uniform of 1814)
  • Admiral Sir Robert Stopford, aet. 72
  • Sir Charles Napier in his prime
  • The bombardment of Bomarsund, showing Sir Charles Napier
  • Thomas, Lord Cochrane (later Dundonald) in his prime
  • Thomas, Earl Dundonald in old age (showing uniform of 1864)
  • A Mid on Half Pay
  • The Waiting Room at the Admiralty
  • The old Purser, c. 1800
  • The new Purser and Captain's Clerk, c. 1840
  • Wardroom dinner in 1856
  • The Midshipmen's Mess, 1821
  • Seamen, early 19th century
  • The first seamen's uniform
  • The warship of 1864: H.M.S. Warrior
  • The first R.N. steamer: H.M.S. Monkey
  • The first screw-steamer: S.S. Archimedes
  • The contest between H.M.S. Rattler and H.M.S. Alecto
  • The taking of the slaver Velos Passahera
  • The slave-deck of the Albanoz
  • The Royal Hospital, Greenwich, and the old three-decker, Dreadnought
  • A Captain, a Lieutenant and a Rating in 1848


  1. I Social Status of R.N. Officers' Parents, 1793-1815
  2. Details of Professions in Group C of Table I
  3. Ranks reached by Officers in Table I, in percentages
  4. Geographical Distribution of Officers, 1793-1815
    A. England
    B. Wales
    C. Scotland
    D. Ireland
    E. Overseas (British Empire)
    F. Overseas (Foreigners)
  5. Officer-Entry
  6. 'For Watching the Ship's Company of every Rate'
  7. A. Wages, varying according to Rate of Ship, per Lunar Month
    B. Wages, the same in all Rates, per Lunar Month
  8. Medical Officers' Pay, 1793 and 1815
  9. 'Table of the Nett Annual Pay, etc.'
  10. Ship-losses, 1793-1815
  11. British and Enemy Casualties in the Six Major Victories
  12. British and Enemy Casualties in Four Minor Fleet Actions
  13. British and Enemy Casualties in Four Squadronal Actions
  14. Allowance of Provisions, 1808


Geographical Distribution of English and Welsh Officers


Establishments of Seamen and Marines Voted, 1793-1817

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These images are intended to show the condition of the spine and dust jacket of this book. If there is anything else you wish to see please let me know and I will scan it for you ! Place cursor on image of jacket front to see gilt decorated front board !

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