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Removed from - Britannia's Bulwarks: artist Charles Dixon R.I.

Britannia’s Bulwarks

The Achievements of our Seamen — The Honours of Our Ships

Edited by Commander Charles N. Robinson
Illustrated in colours by Charles Dixon R.I.
Published 1901 at the Offices of “Army and Navy Illustrated  “ and by George Newnes Limited, London

The icons below represent full pages - 36 cm. x 25 cm., with bright colour images centred on quality white paper removed from this book, (not by me). Some of the reverses may have text, usually in double columns, often with illustrations in monochrome by C. J. Staniland, R.I.

These, often quite beautiful, illustrations from this 1901 popular book have, for decades been removed and sold as prints. If you peruse the print seller sites you will see the same plates for sale often at more than double the price I am asking.

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H.M.S. INFLEXIBLE ANCHORED AT SPITHEAD by Charles Dixon - HMS Inflexible, launched at Portsmouth 1876 was the Royal Navy's first battleship to have submerged torpedo tubes and compound armour. Print removed from Britannia’s Bulwarks Edited by Commander Charles N. Robinson published 1901. Click for more information.
H.M.S. Prince George at Spithead: The Naval Requiem of Queen Victoria - Print shows the cortège aboard the royal yacht with her escorting guard ships passing the anchored 'Prince George ' as she fires a salute. Print from Robinson and Charles Dixon’s ‘Britannia’s Bulwarks’ published in 1901.
H.M.S. Victory at her moorings off the Gosport Hard in Portsmouth Harbour at the turn of the century. Print from Robinson and Charles Dixon’s ‘Britannia’s Bulwarks’ published in 1901.
A print by Charles Dixon removed from 'Britannia's Bulwarks of the gunboat H.M.S. Speedy steaming out of Portsmouth Harbour entrance with an outbound commercial tug and  tow, a brigantine, on the Gosport side
This print from ‘Britannia’s Bulwarks’ published in 1901 by Charles Dixon shows the launch of HMS London at Portsmouth Dockyard in 1899. London was a pre-dreadnought armed with 12 inch guns and served with some distinction in the early years of the Great War. Two paddle tugs, a steam pinnace and other small craft can be seen at work at the launch.
A print by Charles Dixon removed from 'Britannia's Bulwarks' showing torpedo boats in action at the naval manœvres. In this image two torpedo boats are making their approach to a larger warship attempting to illuminate them with her latest 'electric' searchlights.