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W. PRINCE; Admiralty Tugmaster & Pilot,
H.M. Dockyard, Rosyth, 1933

Published 1934
J. D. Potter, London

A brown cloth bound book with black lettering to spine and front board. Boards lightly shelf worn but clean and corners sharp. Previous owner's name and address in ink top right of front free end paper. Some inoffensive signs of notes being once attached to both pastedowns. Contents perfect - no foxing. At least in VERY GOOD condition.

62 pages plus 24 pages of publishers nautical catalogue..

£100.00 plus POSTAGE

    Taking charge of towing operations—Danger of " girding " —Slipping tows in emergency—Orders by mouth-whistle signals—Code of whistle signals.
    Screw tugs v. paddlers—Design of tugs—Various fittings.
    Preparing gear for sea towing—Margin of safety—Wire v. manilla—Advantage of wire tow-ropes—Towing bridles Stoppers—Thimbles—Strops—Chafing—Examination of all fittings—Manilla " springs " or pendants—Jury towing gear
    —Tripping lines—Remarks on sea-towing—Bullivant towing winches—Capstans and winches, not to be used for towing.
    Harbour towing—Small craft—Heavy lighters, etc.—Sheering of tows and how to check it—Securing a paddler alongside a tow—Transporting in basins with two tugs— Assisting with one tug—Turning a ship with one tug in small area—Turning a ship in a tideway—Swinging a ship for adjustment of compasses—" Butting " a ship into her berth—Berthing a single screw ship to windward—Vessels to proceed at less speed than that of tug—Speed of tow to be eased before turning—Tugmaster's resourcefulness.
    Taking a disabled steamer in tow at sea by one not fitted as a tug—Preparation of gear—Passing the hawser— Example given of a vessel of 6,000 tons being taken in tow—Taking the strain on tow-rope—Points to watch and precautions to take.
    Naval towing—Destroyers, in harbour and at sea—Submarines—Cruisers--Capital ships by H.M. tugs.
    Target towing—B.P. targets—Towing gear—Towing along side the tug—Veering target astern—Target sails—Sheering of target—On the range, precautions—Lengths of tow for full calibre firing, day and night—Strain on hawser— Altering course—Night towing—Searchlight or Aldis lamp to be ready—Safety of tug's navigation—Dead reckoning to be kept—Steam-whistle signals—Returning to harbour— Taking a B.P. target from and returning it to a buoy— Towing patt VI targets—Military target towing.
    Remarks on salvage by H.M. tugs—On towage and salvage of seaplanes—Aircraft requiring assistance—Caution re additional weights on upper deck. Additional weight on deck of Saint class strictly forbidden.

Horizontal banding is a scanner fault; boards, etc. are evenly coloured. Remove cursor to revert to image of title page.

Book open showing frontispiece and title page.

Showing book open at frontispiece and title page. (There are no other images of salvaged ships in this book!)


Book open at pages 36 -37

Showing book open at pages 36 -37. The shadow at the hinge area is an effect of scanning. Pages are uniformly coloured throughout.


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