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Past and Present

by Bert Moody

Past and Present

by Bert Moody

Published 1988 by Kingfisher Railway Productions, Southampton

ISBN - 0946184372

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Sailor's Crafts by Bill Beavis: A small scan of the front of the wrapper.

For centuries the Solent has been associated with maritime affairs; The Royal Navy perhaps making the largest presence at Portsmouth in earlier times. However, in Merchant Navy terms the Solent has been host to countless vessels, ranging from the great liners to hundreds of cargo ships, tankers, ferries and coasters. Perhaps with Southampton's double tides each day, the Solent has benefitted more than most other ports in attracting trade, plus of course its proximity to the Channel and the Atlantic.

MERCHANT SHIPS OF THE SOLENT Past and Present by Bert Moody: A small photograph of the front showing the general appearance and condition.

This book is a review of the ships and other vessels using the Solent both at the present time and also those that used to grace the waters. Southampton is not alone today though in merchant marine activity — Portsmouth, Lymington and Poole too have their fair share of deep sea and local ferry operations and these are covered in some detail. Clearly changes in the actual ships visiting the Solent occur frequently but it is hoped that the tables included in the various sections portray a reasonably accurate survey of those seen regularly.

The foundation stone for Southampton Docks was laid on 12th October 1838 and so the 150th anniversary of that event will be celebrated during 1988. The first Dock was opened in 1842 but development was somewhat slow until the London & South Western Railway took over control in 1892. A major extension, consisting of what is now the Western Docks with a straight quay of 7,500 feet in length, was completed in the mid 1930s. Included in the work was the construction of the King George V drydock, which is still in use today and when completed was the largest drydock in the World.


Background adapted from the cover of 'A History of LANGSTONE HARBOUR and its environs in the County of Hampshire' by Ronald Tweed"