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Historic ship models
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Originally published in Germany by Mosaik Verlag GmbH, Munchen in 1977 - English ediion by Argus Books Limited, London 1985

ISBN 0 85242828 6   


FINE (as New) - A red cloth bound book with gilt lettering to the spine. HISTORIC MODEL SHIPS by Wolfram zu Mondfeld: This photograph shows the pristine condition of the wrapper. There is just a suggestion of shelf/storage wear which just stops it being in ‘FINE’ condition.
NEAR FINE - Complete; Only some very light crinkling (from dusting) to the very top corners of the jacket flaps stops condition being FINE.
195 mm. x 260 mm. x 28 mm. 352 pages. Weight unwrapped 1.1 kilo. Weight adequately wrapped <1.75 kilo.

PRICE (GBP)£ 25.00 plus postage - FREE UK delivery.


This remarkable book was written by an expert ship modeller primarily for other builders of period ship models and those entering the hobby, but, because an accurate model must be correct in all details, the book becomes a survey of ship development which will be of interest to all students of maritime history.
HISTORIC MODEL SHIPS by Wolfram zu Mondfeld: This photograph, taken in bright sunlight, shows the red cloth, immaculate boards, sharp corners and the gold lettering to the spine. Condition is FINE (as new). As with any subject embracing many centuries, there are differing viewpoints in detail matters - for example, when and where a minor rigging change was first noted - but the author has sought out positive references and employed his considerable illustrative talents to produce almost 2,500 drawings based on material from a variety of sources which he considers to be authentic.

Much of the text relates to date and detail differences between British, Continental (particularly French and Dutch) and American practice in both merchant vessels and warships; in the main, because of the modelling aspect, it is the visible detail which is considered and illustrated, but this will in no way lessen the enjoyment offered by this book to all lovers of ships of the past.

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  1. History and research
  2. Materials and tools
  3. Hulls
  4. fittings
  5. Visible machinery
  6. Masts and yards
  7. Ropes and blocks
  8. Sails
  9. Standing rigging
  10. Running rigging
  11. Flags
  12. Appendices

HISTORIC SHIP MODELS by Wolfram zu Mondfeld: The background for this page has been adapted from two pages in an attempt top show the scope and detail typical of the illustrations in this book.