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SUNK: How the Great Battleships were Lost - David Woodward
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How the Great Battleships Were Lost

David Woodward

First published 1982 by
George Allen & Unwin (Publishers) Limited, London

ISBN 13: 9780043590096

A black cloth covered book Gilt title to spine. - VERY GOOD PLUS condition in clipped dust wrapper which is just starting to show signs of sunning and some top edge wear only just Very Good condition.

£8.50 including UK postage

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Jacket blurb

This book brings together for the first time accounts of the fates of some of those extinct monsters of the seas — the battleships. It catalogues the sinkings of major ships from the Italian Re d'Italia in 1866 to the Russian Novorossisk in 1955. Such famous names as Royal Oak, Bismarck and Oklahoma sail through these pages, and there are lesser known oddities such as the Cavour, which was sunk and raised no less than three times, and the Petropavlovsk, which was sunk at the end of World War I, raised and returned to service, and sunk again in World War II. The author has a flair for digging out little-known but fascinating episodes of modern naval history and is particularly revealing on the Russian and Japanese navies. The result is a valuable contribution to naval history, as well as an immensely readable account of some of the most impressive and glamorous ships ever launched.

At the outbreak of World War II, David Woodward was Chief Correspondent of the News Chronicle in Berlin. He was subsequently War Correspondent of the Manchester Guardian and The Times and was wounded on the morning of D-Day after landing with gliders of the Sixth Airborne Division. He is the author of seven previous books and many articles on naval and military matters, and has contributed to Jane's Fighting Ships and the Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea.



List of Illustrations

  Yamato, the last of many
  The Ram, Lissa, 1866
  Mr. Whitehead's Daughters
  'Remember the Maine!'
  Three Flagships
  Internal Explosion
  The Guns of Jutland
  The Battle of the Adriatic
  Fifteen Battleships Sunk in an Afternoon by Mistake
  The Coastal Motor Boats at Kronstadt, 1919
  'What a Wonderful Feat of Arms!'
  The Coming of the Carrier
  Hood and Bismarck, 1941
  'Air Attack on Pearl Harbor. This is no Drill.'
  Prince of Wales and Repulse, 1941



    1. Aquidaban in dry dock
    2. The Kaiser damaged after the battle of Lissa
    3. USS Maine anchored over her grave
    4. Russian battleships sunk by the Japanese at Port Arthur
    5. HMS Audacious sinking
    6. . The French battleship Bouvet sinking
    7. The wreck of the British battleship HMS Invincible
    8. The Viribus Unitis sinking
    9. HMS Majestic torpedoed in the Dardanelles
    10. German battleship Bayern sinking at Scapa Flow
    11. Bismarck opening fire on HMS Hood
    12. The Cavour sunk at Taranto
    13. The West Virginia and Tennessee on fire at Pearl Harbor
    14. The Yamato sinking in the East China Sea
    15. The Italian battleship Roma sunk by a German glide bomb
    16. The Japanese battleship Haruna on the bottom at Edashima Naval Base
 Some sunning and top edge wear can be seen in this image but still in very good condition !
Some sunning and top edge wear can be seen in this image but still in very good condition !

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