The Story of Naval Rum

by Captain James Pack OBE RN

Originally published 1982 and reprinted October 1983 by Kenneth Mason, Emsworth.
First published in this edition in 1993 by Allan Sutton Publishing Ltd.
in association with the Royal Naval Museum

An illustrated card covered book in VERY GOOD condition. A lightly creased bottom corner of the front cover appears to be the only fault - this is just visible in the image. Illustrated in black and white throughout.

196 pages 155 mm. x 235. x 8 mm. Weight wrapped <600 grams.
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The sailor's rum ration, known in the service as 'Nelson's Blood', was an integral part of the life and image of the Royal Navy. When the Admiralty decided to abolish naval rum in 1970, so ended a tradition that stretched back over 300 years. In this fascinating book, Captain Pack sets the story of the tot against a background of Britain's maritime history throughout that period - wars, bloody battles, keeping the peace and long voyages of discovery - a period that witnessed the rise of Empire and the transition to Commonwealth.