WW2 Lower Deck Autobiography
Ronald Walsh served throughout WW2 and beyond. This very informative and interesting personal and well observed account of a senior rate’s experience of the Royal Navy in war and peace.


by Ronald Walsh R.N.

This first edition published 2004
by MATADOR. An imprint of Troubadour Publishing Ltd., Leicester

1st. edition.

ISBN: 1 904744 47 8

 Back cover blurbs 

In 1940 Ordinary Seaman Ron Walsh was on HMS Foylebank in Portland Harbour as Portland's defence ship. An attack of 26 Stuks sank the ship after 22 direct hits. Ron survived but his war was not.

Atlantic convoy duty on HMS Bulldog among the U-boat packs, the invasion of North Africa, Gold Beach on D-Day for Operation Overlord.

Ron Walsh served on 55 ships and naval establishments in a 33 year career with the Royal Navy, until retirement in 1969.

This is a personal account of Ron's experences at home and abroad, through war and peace.

 List of Contents: 

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1. Boy's Service

2. In the Beginning

3. I join the Merchant Navy

4. HMS Foylebank

5. HMS Bulldog

6. HMS Windsor

7. Operation Torch

8. Overlord

9. I join up again

10. Hong Kong Flotilla

11. Well Met

12. Paying Off

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An illustrated card bound book (PB) with black and white illustrations. A very nice perfect copy - ‘As New’!

Weight unwrapped 270 grams

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169 pages. 213 mm. x 135 mmm. x 5 mm.

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