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United States Frigate CONSTELLATION
" Yankee Racehorse "


U.S.F. CONSTELLATION - ' Yankee Racehorse ' by Sanford Sternlicht and Edwin M. Jameson: This icon is used elsewhere in my site as a link to this page.

" Yankee Racehorse "

by Sanford Sternlicht and Edwin M. Jameson

First published in 1981 by Liberty Publishing Company, Cockeysville. Maryland, USA

ISBN 0 89709 030 6


BOOK CONDITION: VERY GOOD - An illustrated card bound book (PB) binding is tight and square. Inscriptions on title page; small ink and lightly pencilled page reference numbers appertaining to Constellation's alterations. Page block tight; pages and illustrations immaculate. Four 'Constellation' postcards loose inside. In plastic sleeve.

DIMENSIONS 140 mm. x 210 mm. x 14 mm. 187 pages. Weight unwrapped 0.290 kilo.
Weight wrapped <0.50 kilo.

PRICE (GBP)£6.00 plus postage



U.S.F. CONSTELLATION - ' Yankee Racehorse ' by Sanford Sternlicht and Edwin M. Jameson: A composite scanned image of the cover, front and back, and the spine intended to show the appearance and general condition.

The U.S. Frigate Constellation is the oldest United States warship afloat and the first American-built vessel to win a major victory. Constellation, nicknamed “Yankee Racehorse”, was launched in Baltimore on September 7, 1797, as a member of the original fleet commissioned by the Continental Congress. Her sister ship, Constitution (“Old Ironsides”), was launched in Boston later that same year.

This is the Constellation story, including her glory years under Captain Thomas Truxtun, her continuing service through  both World Wars, her near-demise, and her restoration that continues even today.

Now this proud ship is a major tourist attraction and a centrepiece in Baltimore’s new Inner Harbour.

U.S.F. CONSTELLATION by Sanford Sternlicht and Edwin M. Jameson: Photograph showing appearance and general condition


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