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by Hans Richter & Peter Rath

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by Hans Richter & Peter Rath

Published 1994 by Brandenburggisches Verlagshaus, Berlin

ISBN 3 89488 061 9   Price £18.00 including UK Postage

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Blue cloth bound book with bright gilt decoration to front board and spine in at least NEAR FINE if not FINE condition. No inscriptions.
Dust wrapper is unclipped and in VERY GOOD PLUS condition only as the spine area is lightly sunned. Wrapper is in reality a " Bordstempel " folded over to make the wrapper. Probably 700 mm. x 510 mm. but it hasn't been unfolded.

148 art paper pages: 248 mm. x 300 mm. x 22 mm.

Weight unwrapped <1200 grm. - Weight wrapped for postage <1500 grm.


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Bordstempel & Windjammer by Hans Richter & Peter Rath: A small scan of the front of the wrapper.

I have, below, attempted to ‘roughly’ translate the blurbs on the wrapper’s flaps to explain the books theme. I do not speak German but I have, with the assistance of tried to make some sense of it but I'm really still not very sure of the term “Bordstempel“.

Under Prince Philip’s patronage the Sail Training Association has organised the Parade of Sail and Windjammer Races since 1958. Highest award of the regularly held regattas is the Cutty Sark Friendship trophy, a silver model of the legendary British tea clipper.

Since the mid-50s, serious efforts have been made to preserve and maintain traditional seafaring traditions at these events. An important feature of these world-spanning races is the unifying and peacekeeping character. Artists for centuries been fascinated by these proud ladies of the world's oceans which have inspired impressive works.

The graphic artist and painter Hans Richter fascinated by sailing ships has combined beautiful illustrations of the ships with nautical cachet relevant to these races and their participants, in a manner similar to that seen on boards on cruise ships marking their voyages’ progress. These cachet and boards are now highly valued by collectors.

BOARDSTEMPEL & WINDJAMMER pages 88-89: Left-hand page shows the ‘Alexander von Humboldt’ and the recto shows a print commemorating the 1989 Windjammer Parade held at Hamburg in July, a limited edition of 800 copies sized 70 cm. by 50 cm.

These boards have their own history. The cachet on ship's papers were the stamps/seals of captains, shipping companies and charter offices commissioned to provide guarantees for a safe passage with the names of passengers and sailors.

In this unique book Hans Richter and Peter Rath have combined beautiful drawings and art work of ships and produced ‘Bordstempel’ for many for the annual races, adding vignettes, cachets and other artist additions. Some vessels are treated individually – A beautifully produced and illustrated sailing ship book.

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BOARDSTEMPEL & WINDJAMMER pages 62-63: Verso at the top gives sailing history and details of the Polish Dar Mlodziezy, following the full page drawing on the previous page. Right hand shows the signed limited edition bord for Operation Sail 1985 held at Amsterdam. The original measures 60 x 42 cm.

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BOARDSTEMPEL & WINDJAMMER pages 78-79: Bords commemorating Operation Sail 88 at Sydney Australia, both limited editions and originals 70  x 50cm.
Verso is for the German bark Georch Fock (1000 printed). Recto shows the Australian ship James Craig, now beautifully restored,  as she would have been in 1874. (600 printed)


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