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by by J. C. Medland


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by J. C. Medland

First published 1986 by West Island Printers Ltd., Freshwater, Isle of Wight

A large illustrated card covered book , no inscriptions - art paper pages are generously illustrated, mainly in black and white. In NEAR FINE condition with only very minimal signs of wear..

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ISBN 0951149806

70 pages 300 mm. x 210 mm. x 6 mm.

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Introduction’s first paragraph:

For around four thousand years the Isle of Wight has witnessed the destruction of untold numbers of vessels along its shores, and the deaths of hundreds of mariners. The sheer volume of shipwrecks is staggering. The Admiralty has found 4,000 wrecks in the area covered by the chart ‘Solent Approaches’. Many more have not yet been discovered, (including huge ships like the 9,044 ton S.S. Mechanician, which was lost in 1917 and disappeared into a shoal of shingle). These offshore wrecks, vessels which foundered in storms or were sunk in war or by collision, are only a fraction of the far greater number stranded and wrecked on the island itself. Most of these escaped, sometimes on the next high tide or by jettisoning their cargo, or through a tow, but many others were driven further inshore, smashed on rocks and strewn along the shore.



2.Guide to Sail
4.The waters of the Wight to 1066
5.Wrecks of the Medieval Wight
6.The Mary Rose
7.The Struggle for the Sea Lanes
8. The Back of the Wight in the Eighteenth Century

A scan of J. C. Medland's "Shipwrecks of the Wight" shown here open to illustrate the format of a typical page. Image is from another copy - the binding of the book for sale is tight and uncreased.

9. The Loss of the Royal George
10. From Bonaparte to Victoria 1785-1840
11. The Clarendon Disaster: October 1836
12. Lighthouses and Coastguards 1840-1860
13. The Coming of the Lifeboats: 1840-1878
14. The Mystery of H.M.S. Eurydice
15. Three Spectacular Shipwrecks: 1879-1881
16. Steamers on the Rocks
17. The Sirenia Disaster
18. The Doomed Voyage of the Irex 1890-1892
19. The Elder Story
20. The Alcester
21. The Turn of the Century
22. The Final Exploits of the Rowing Lifeboats
23. The Gladiator
24. The Last Years of Peace 1908-1914
25. The Great War 1914-1918
26. The Interwar Years: 1919-1939
27. The Second World War: 1939-1945
28. The Post War Years
29. Shipwrecks of the Sixties
30. Near Catastrophe: The Pacific Glory
31. Acknowledgements and Bibliography

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Background adapted from the front cover of THE LAST OF THE SAILING COASTERS: Reminiscences and observations of the days in Severn trows, coasting ketches and schooners by Edmund Eglinton