A combination of an image of the books spine and the book’s card front cover intended to show the condition and the general appearance.




by David W. Pye

Published by PENGUIN BOOKS


An illustrated card covered (paperback) book in VERY GOOD PLUS condition; sixty pages and fully illustrated. The dust wrapper is not the later photographic version, but the 1950 original, a copy of the of book’s cover with flaps added. The wrapper has a little surface damage on the back so condition is probably GOOD PLUS.

180 mm. x 215 mm. x 6 mm. Weight wrapped <250 grams.

Price £6.00 plus postage.

Jacket flap blurb:

Few things are more satisfactory to look at than ships. Old and new, large and small and of every sort, they can delight the eye as much as anything that man has ever made. This book discusses their design; not from the special point of view of the naval architect, shipowner or seaman, but from the unspecialised point of view of the man or women who likes to look at them. It is a book for anyone, seaman or landsman, to whom a ship is a work of art; and that a ship can be a work of art, its illustrations will bear witness.

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