The Scottish Smuggler

by Gavin D. Smith

Published by Birlinn Publishing, Edinburgh.

ISBN 1 84158 285 9


An illustrated card covered (paperback) book in VERY GOOD PLUS condition.

138 mm. x 215 mm. x 15 mm. Weight wrapped <400 grams. Price £4.00 plus postage.

Back jacket blurb:

THE SCOTTISH SMUGGLER is the first book to examine the phenomenon of smuggling in Scotland in its entirety. It embraces the historical imperatives that made smuggling lucrative, particularly during its 18th – ‘golden age’, looking at the role of the Act of Union (1707) and the Jacobitism in the encouragement and perpetuation of the Scottish smuggling trade.
Contemporary society’s attitudes to smuggling are explored. The people who took part in it, their modus operandi and the commodities they smuggled also receive due consideration. A special chapter is devoted to whisky smuggling, which tells the true tale of Whisky Galore and the topic of US Prohibition.
In THE SCOTTISH SMUGGLER Gavin D. Smith uses a mixture of contemporary records, including personal correspondence and material culled from the surviving Custom House Letter-books, alongside anecdote, folklore and information from a wide range of published sources to create the most complete picture yet of Scottish  smuggling – the facts, the myths and the legend.

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