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THE SCHNEIDER TROPHY CONTEST 1913-1931 - This icon is used elsewhere in my site as a link to this page !


Published to mark the 70th. Anniversary of the last Schneider Trophy Contest , 13 September 1931

Date published: 2001
Published by Tempus Publishers Limited, Stroud, UK
Edition- first
A 126 page Card covered PB
ISBN: 0 7524 2141 7

PRICE 20.00 plus postage (included for UK)

An illustrated card bound book in at least VERY GOOD PLUS - printed on high quality paper and copiously illustrated with black and white photographs. Square and tight with the only sign of wear a tiny scuff at the top of the back cover next to the spine.
126 pages   165 mm. x 235 mm. x 8 mm. Weight wrapped <0.500 kilo.

Derek N. James in Schneider Trophy traces the development of single engine seaplane racers from pioneer days to the peak of development in the early 1930s.

A scan of the front cover of Derek N. James'  "THE SCHNEIDER TROPHY CONTEST 1913-1931" showing the general appearance.


The Schneider Trophy race was the brainchild of Frenchman, Jacques Schneider, who wanted to promote the use and development of seaplanes, a field of aviation then rather neglected. The first race held in Monaco in 1913, was won triumphantly by a French aircraft. In 1914 the winner was a Sopwith Tabloid for Britain. The race was an international event attracting teams from, France, Italy, Switzerland, the United States and Britain.

Not held again until after the First World War, technology had changed so much that the seaplanes of that year barely resembled those of the previous contest. They were sleeker, had more powerful engines and could fly at undreamed speeds.

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With over 200 images and informative text Derek N. James in The Schneider Trophy Contest 1913 -1931 tells the story of this most important of races in this special publication to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1931 race.


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