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misadventures in paradise
by D. R. Rickard
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Misadventures in Paradise

by D. R. Rickard

Published by the author, D. R. Rickard, Brighton, South Australia 5048

ISBN 064642400 9


BOOK CONDITION: At least VERY GOOD PLUS - An illustrated card bound book (PB) - Page block tight; pages and illustrations immaculate apart from author's signature and dedication on bottom of title page..

DIMENSIONS 150 mm. x 210 mm. x 10 mm. 206 pages. Weight unwrapped 0.24 kilo.
Weight adequately wrapped <0.5 kilo.

PRICE (GBP)£18.00 - free postage to UK


Dave Rickard's biography of Bas Stallard - scan of front cover.


D. R. Rickard's 'Misadventures in Paradise': A flash photograph intended to show the appearance and general condition.

His vessel crippled in a violent tropical storm, Bas Stallard is alone on a vast ocean with little hope of rescue. As he struggles to save the slowly sinking cutter, Mapu, he finds moments to ponder over a stirring past life, crammed with action and adventure on the high seas.

This compelling yarn recreates the drama as it unfolded. And in doing so, it induces reminiscences of the many amazing feats that often took this New Zealander to the brink of disaster. Surviving fearsome storms and shipwrecks appears routine for Stallard who epitomises the spirit of adventure. He built his own ship, the magnificent Mapu, co-star of the story, and sails her to the idyllic tropical isles he was first introduced to in his youth. But there, on a lonely island, first sighted by the incarcerated Bounty mutineers, his cutter is cast on a coral reef in a gale, marking the beginning of two years of disappointment and intrigue as he lives among the islanders, sharing their customs and age-old traditions.

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This true story of a seafarer's energetic life under sail, set in a variety of unique surroundings, is sure to arouse the imagination of the armchair adventurer.




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