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ISBN 0 71 56 1146 1


Rex Cowan; editor

First 1992 published Duckworth, London.


An illustrated card bound book with a little shelf wear. No inscriptions. Book condition VERY GOOD.
Size: 215 mm. x 273 mm. 64 pages Weight unwrapped 0.27 kilo.

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Containing many previously unpublished photographs from the Gibson family accompanied by contemporary newspaper accounts covering seventeen shipwrecks on the coasts of Scilly and Cornwall.

CASTAWAY & WRECKED: Edited by Rex Cowan:

The coasts of Scilly and Cornwall have long been a hazard to ships and those who sail in them, but it was not till the latter half of the nineteenth century that the moving details of shipwrecks and their aftermath were recorded for posterity. This book brings together the superb photographs of the Gibson family of Scilly and Penzance, many of them previously unpublished, and contemporary newspaper accounts of the events depicted in them. It shows how, before the advent of photo-journalism, both photographer and reporter, while working independently, were able in their different ways to evoke the same scenes with comparable power and insight. Even the most passive observer today cannot fail to feel the excitement and pathos of the dramatic events described.







H.M.S. Anson
The Thames
The Minnehaha
The Zelda
The Tabasco

The G. I. Jones
The Cviet
The Suffolk
The Petrellen
The Castleford

The Malta
The Mohegan
The Brinkburn
The Seine
The King Cadwallon

The Khyber
The T. W. Lawson
The Plympton
The City of Cardiff