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THE ROMANCE OF THE SHIP by E. Keble Chatterton

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The Romance
The Ship

Published 1935 by
Seeley, service & Co. Ltd., London
A VERY GOOD condition book with bright decorated boards, Viking ship on spine in gilt, copy with sharp corners, top and bottom of spine lightly bumped. Prize plate to front paste down and inscription top of ffep. Pages predominately very clean, bright and tight with only a very few handling spots.
Twenty-two black and white illustrations - 291 pages

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board to see title page !

£9.00 plus Postage

From the Preface

"To attempt to describe within the limits of one book the whole evolution of the ship from the days of her crude beginnings and limited utility to the present time, when she has become so essential a feature of modern life, may seem to be an ambitious scheme.The term ship denotes so much, and includes so many different types, that it would be utterly impossible to deal with the subject fully in any single book of moderate dimensions, and for all but a few readers such a volume would be not only too large, but too technical. What I have had in my mind has been to inspire those who are interested in the following chapters with a keen desire to seek for fuller information elsewhere, and with this object in view I have endeavoured to present not so much a catalogue of the varying characteristics of vessels in all ages, as a vivid picture of the gradual growth of this most romantic of works of man, and a general idea of its development in so many and wonderful ways.

. . . . "

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