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A selection of books for young people ( Targeted at boys )

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The Meteor Flag of England: THE STORY OF A COMING CONFLICT by W. GORDON-STABLES, M.D., C.M. (SURGEON, ROYAL NAVY) Published circa 1908 by James Nisbet & Co. Ltd., London.Written in the 1900s set in 1980's! Has submarines, 300 knot ram-battleships - still using coal, the Russians invading Scotland, The Kaiser a prisoner in Edinburgh Castle, the German Navy trying to annihilate the Royal Navy in the North Sea and the French Navy , similarly employed, in Mediterranean !
HOW SAILORS FIGHT by John Blake - an account of the organisation of the behaviour of modern fighting ships in action with some tactical illustrations of the behaviour of modern fighting ships in action !
The Boy's  Book of The Navy - ITS SHIPS AND ITS SERVICES - J. Cuthbert Hadden 1911 S.W. Partridge & Co. Ltd., London
The Middy and the Moors - AN ALGERINE STORY by R. M. Ballantyne. Adventures of midshipman captured by pirates, captured in NICE, sold as a slave - meets girl falls in love . . .  Published circa 1912 by James Nisbet & Co. Ltd., London
An A. & C. Black Peeps Series; PEEPS AT THE BRITISH BLUEJACKET -  becoming scarce - an attractive general work by Patrick Vaux illustrated throughout by C. C. Titterton in full colour
The Boy's Book of THE NAVY by Lieut.-Comdr. P. K. Kemp. RN.(Retd.)This thrilling. up-to-the-minute story of the Senior Service is illustrated throughout with authentic action photographs, large scale diagrams that include H.M.S. Vanguard, the aircraft carrier Implacable and a new atomic submarine. With nearly 200 photographs, charts and diagrams for sale at
The Cruise of the Vengeful by W. GORDON-STABLES - Set in 1908 and the Navy's most modern warship manages to thwart France and Russia's plans to conquer Britain. This edition published circa 1930.
An A. & C. Black Peeps Series 1913; PEEPS AT THE ROYAL NAVY - an attractive general work by James Baikie illustrated throughout by Norman Wilkinson in full colour
Henry Frith: The Captain of Cadets, a Royal Navy boy's adventure set early 20th. century. This edition published 1913.
The wreck of the Wager, one of the vessels composing Anson's expedition in 1740 against the Spanish settlements of South America, is one of the most famous stories of the British Navy. Narratives of The Hon. John Byron and of his fellow midshipman Isaac Morris. Published circa 1905
Stirring deeds of Britain’s Sea-Dogs in the Great War by Harold F. P. Wheeler – covers the progress of the naval war and finishes up with the story of Jutland. Although, naturally the British sailors stoicism in adversity is emphasised, the sea war is reported quite fairly with very little jingoism.
DARING DEEDS of SEA ROVERS by E. Keble Chatterton: Colour frontispiece and B & W plates with vignettes intersperced in text. This and other books for boys for sale at
THE NAVAL CADET: A Story of Adventure on Land and Sea by W. GORDON-STABLES, M.D., C.M. First published by Blackie and Son 1898 but this is later edition dated 1909.
THE ROMANCE OF THE KING'S NAVY by Edward Fraser 1913. From incidents during the Crimean War to just prior to the Great War. One chapter tells the thrilling story of " How the Navy's V.C.s have been Won," the deeds of the various heroes being brought together for the first time in one connected narrative.
The twelfth edition of "The Wonder Book of the Navy" was published in the middle 1950's. Illustrated with eight full-page colour plates and nearly 300 illustrations it covers every aspect of life in the Royal Navy; from boys training to service in the different branches ashore and at sea.
In 1805, after hearing two French POWs have escaped from Portchester Castle at the head of Portsmouth Harbour, two young friends find a wounded man. Subsequent events reveal a long established French escape route.
The Log of the Flying Fish: A Story of Aerial and Submarine Peril and Adventure by Harry Collingwood. Illustrated in b&w by Gordon Browne Published before 1910 by Blackie and Son, London. This book was one of the first science fiction genre to be published and has since been reprinted as an eBook and a paperback. This particular copy is probably only in GOOD condition.

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