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In 1926, when the young John Hayes entered the Royal Navy's college at Dartmouth, he pledged to serve the Lords of the Admiralty 'at their discretion'. It was a service which would last for forty-two years, taking the author from the South China Sea to the North Cape and from peace to three historic catastrophes of the war at sea — the sinking of the Prince of Wales, the Repulse and Convoy P017.
The Battle and the Breeze sheds much new light on many key aspects of post- 1945 naval policy, such as the controversy surrounding CVA01 (the fleet carrier replacement programme), the crucial decision to procure the Sea Harrier, the lack of airborne early warning at the time of the Falklands war, and the Chevaline and Type 22 programmes. Ashmore also makes fair and sound judgements on his contemporaries such as Lord Louis Mountbatten.
Robert Clarkson entertainingly charts his progress during his Royal Navy service in WW2. He served in HMS Vindictive, HMS Revenge, HMS Emerald, HMS Carlisle and, in the Far East, HMLC(T) 3028. ... and home there's no returning - Letters of Lieutenant John M. Iago RNVR, written from HMS Hood to his family, 23rd. September 1939 - 4th. May 1941. Edited wih notes by his sister Bee Kenchington. In BARRACUDA PILOT Dunstan Hadley describes how the Royal Navy managed to train enough young sailors as pilots and navigators to man the Fleet’s Air Arm. He writes about his experiences as a trainee pilot, an operational pilot, as a flight deck officer and in action against the Japanese in Sumatra and the raid on Sigli. John Wellham served in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm during WW2. Piloting Fairy swordfish from HMS Eagle and HMS Illustrious he took part in the attacks on Bomba and Taranto, as well anti-U-boat patrols in the Atlantic and the Forgotten Fleet in the Pacific
Sydney Greenwood joined the Navy and served as a stoker in coal and oil burning ships in the Hungry Thirties through first the pre-war years and then World war II and into the fifties. Amongst his ships were HMS Hero, Fiji, L'Incomprise, Ilex, and the Sheffield. A very entertaining and interesting Royal Navy lower deck biography.
SWORDFISH PATROL by George E. Sadler: Swordfish Patrol is the story of a Fleet Air Arm pilot during the Second World War. After a lengthy period of pilot training in both the UK and Canada he was drafted to a Swordfish squadron.George Sadler was amongst the last group of airmen to go to war in an open cockpit, not far removed from the intrepid pilots of the First World War. But they saw no glamourous single combats over the Western Front, instead they spent long hours in below zero temperatures over the North Atlantic from HMS Nairana.
A HOME ON THE ROLLING MAIN by A.G.F. Ditcham - A very readable Royal Navy officer's memoir of service from 1940 during the dark days of WW2 to after the defeat of Japan.
SIGNALMAN JONES by Tim Parker. Geoffrey Holder Jones patrolled the waters off Canada and Newfoundland before returning to Britain in 1944 and Tim Parker's book illuminates one of the great acheivements of the war - the beating of the U-boat blockade of the American coast by squadrons that were little more than a motley collections of armed trawlers and whalers.
Heavo, Heavo, Lash up and stow; A memoir of an East Ender's war by Ken Kimberley. An illustrated account of the Royal Navy’s naval air war in the Pacific in WW2 by a young sailor serving in HMS Arbiter, a ruler class escort carrier. ISBN 0007111258
I Sank the Bismarck by John Moffat with Mike Rossiter. Memoirs of a WW2 Royal Navy pilot: May 1941: the pilots of fifteen canvas-covered biplanes struggle to hold their Swordfish aircraft steady as they head towards the German battleship Bismarck. Two days previously Bismarck, the most powerful warship in the world, had destroyed the Hood and damaged the Prince of Wales.
NO SURRENDER by W. E. Johns and R. A. Kelly: The remarkable story of the cruiser HMS Exeter, present at the Battle of the River Plate, her loss at the Battle of the Sunda Strait and the survival, of some of her people as POWs of the Japanese; told by one of her people.
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