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ARK ROYAL: THE ADMIRALTY ACCOUNT OF HER ACHIEVEMENT: Issued for the Admiralty by the Ministry of Information  London : His Majesty’s Stationary Office 1942. A Sixty-four page paperback illustrated throughout with black and White photographs and three maps showing HMS ARK ROYAL’s position throughout the war.
In June 1941 the Royal Navy aircraft carrier Ark Royal was instrumental in the destruction of the German battleship Bismarck. A dozen Swordfish torpedo-bombers took off from her deck launched torpedo after torpedo at the giant ship, which was crippled and sank the next day. Within weeks, the Ark Royal was destroyed while sailing off the coast of Gibraltar, torpedoed by a German U-boat. She rested, one kilometre below the surface of the Mediterranean, until her wreck was discovered by Mike Rossiter in 2004.
I Sank the Bismarck by John Moffat with Mike Rossiter. Memoirs of a WW2 Royal Navy pilot: May 1941: the pilots of fifteen canvas-covered biplanes struggle to hold their Swordfish aircraft steady as they head towards the German battleship Bismarck. Two days previously Bismarck, the most powerful warship in the world, had destroyed the Hood and damaged the Prince of Wales.
MALTA CONVOY by Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter: First published to acclaim in 1961. Here is the full account of the blazing courage and dogged resolution of the men who, in 1942, manned "the bravest and most fateful of all the convoys that were ever sailed to relieve Malta"; Operation Pedestal.
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WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN by 'Taffrail' published in 1947, describes the adventures and actions of many different types of ships and those who served in them—cruisers, destroyers, minesweepers, motor torpedo boats, gunboats and launches, landing ships and craft. Click for more details !
Mussolini's Navy: A Reference Guide to the Regia Marina 1930-1945 by Maurizio Brescia - This book is a complete guide to the Regia Marina, the navy with which Italy fought the Second World War. Starting with the historical background, it describes how the navy developed, how it was organised, the facilities that supported it, and the operations it conducted both before and after the armistice in 1943. It also details all its ships, with full technical particulars, plans and photos. Click here to see Terence Robertson's "The Ship with two Captains"; the story of HMSubmarine Sereph's secret missions in the Mediterranean; page at !
Geoffrey Brooke as a young officer in the battleship Prince  of Wales fought against the Bismarck, took part in the Malta convoy run and  managed to survive her sinking to take part in TORCH, Arctic convoys and finished  the war serving in carriers in the Pacific.
Edited by Ben Jones ‘The Fleet Air Arm in WW2' first volume of three, explains how the neglected Royal Navy’s Air Arm tried to recover from the impact of pre-war duel control and economic stringencies to play a significant part in the early years of the war at sea. Publication No. 159 of the Navy Records Society. The Cunningham Papers v1, 1939-1942 cover the period when Admiral Cunningham was CIC Mediterranean Fleet. Including; Calabria, Taranto, Matapan, Greece and Crete, maintaining supply lines from Gibraltar,  the Navy's support of Army operations in the Western Desert, and convoys to Malta, together with activities of the striking forces based there.
Ronald Walsh served throughout WW2 and beyond. This very informative and interesting personal and well observed account of a senior rate’s experience of the Royal Navy in war and peace.
In 1939, on the outbreak of war he was already serving in submarines. Over the next six years he was rammed twice, sunk once and had hundreds of depth charges dropped around him. He gave more than he got! While in command of the Unity Class Submarine Ultor, mainly in the Mediterranean he and his crew accounted for an astonishing 20 enemy vessels sunk by torpedo and 8 by gunfire as well as damaging another 4 ships. His fifteenth mission was described by the Admiralty as 'unsurpassed in the Annals of the Mediterranean Submarine Flotillas'
HMS ARK ROYAL by Kenneth Poolman, the third ship of the name to serve in the Royal Navy, launched in 1937 started WWII in the North Sea, her aircraft searching for enemy shipping. Erroneously claimed to have been sunk by the Germans she later saw action around the Mediterranean. In the Atlantic her swordfish damaged the Bismarck enabling her to be finished off. After returning to Gibraltar and while operating in the Atlantic fell victim to U-81 and U-205's combined attack and was lost.
Robert Clarkson entertainingly charts his progress during his Royal Navy service in WW2. He served in HMS Vindictive, HMS Revenge, HMS Emerald, HMS Carlisle and, in the Far East, HMLC(T) 3028.
In September 2005, a large party of over 600 veterans, widows, spouses and/or carers returned to the George Cross island of Malta to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the ending of World War Two and remember lost comrades.These narratives, the result of this event, are the stories of some brave folk, from all three British Armed Services, Commonwealth Forces, the Merchant Navy and the American Navy, who fought in support of Malta during its dark hours under siege and the lighter days as the war swung in the Allies’ favour.