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A first hand account of HMS Glasgow’s part at the Falklands, 1914 and subsequent destruction of SMS Dresden.Uniquely Harold Hickling discusses the problems facing the Island’s kelpers after Coronel. The author commanded HMS Glasgow in WW2 and played a major part at Normandy. RAIDERS FROM THE SEA by REAR-ADMIRAL LEPOTIER covers WW2 Allied WWII Combined Operations prior to D-Day, predominately St. Nazaire and Dieppe. Published in English 1984 Those Wallowing Beauties - W. D. 'Jim' Jarman. D-Day was a logistical achievement of unprecedented complexity. There was, however, a serious shortage of landing craft. Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten requisitioned over a thousand Thames barges. Some four hundred were commandeered by the Royal Navy when they were converted, many provided with ramps, armed, and motorized. They were manned by 'volunteers', of whom many were previously Thames lightermen. The sole objective of these unlikely craft was the support of a seaborne invasion. This book is a valuable historical document, carefully organized and meticulously researched, offering an excellent insight into a little known aspect of the Second World War. The inclusion of the many extracts from veterans' own experiences adds colourful authenticity to the work.
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THE COMMANDOS AT DIEPPE, Rehearsal for D-Day by  Will Fowler, , OPERATION CALDRON, No 4 Commando, Hess Battery, August 19th., 1942, ISBN 0007111258 David J. Knowles in " Escape from Catastrophe - 1940 Dunkirk" highlights the enormous efforts of the small ships  boats that responded, and with great bravery assisted in taking off, at enormous risk, the army from the beaches to the larger ships waiting offshore. In his book, A BRILLIANT LITTLE OPERATION, Paddy Ashdown, for the 70th. Anniversary of 'Operation Frankton', using previously un-explored sources, analyses the WW2 attack on German shipping in Bordeaux by Royal Marine Commandoes - The Cockleshell Heroes HMS Wellington Escorting Convoy SL 118 August 1942, Recollections of Captain George Russell and details of the failed evacuation of 51st Highland Division from Saint Valéry-en-Caux in June 1940, and ¬¬¬the involvement of HMS Wellington in Operation Cycle.
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HMS ARK ROYAL by Kenneth Poolman, the third ship of the name to serve in the Royal Navy, launched in 1937 started WWII in the North Sea, her aircraft searching for enemy shipping. Erroneously claimed to have been sunk by the Germans she later saw action around the Mediterranean. In the Atlantic her swordfish damaged the Bismarck enabling her to be finished off. After returning to Gibraltar and while operating in the Atlantic fell victim to U-81 and U-205's combined attack and was lost.
In June 1941 the Royal Navy aircraft carrier Ark Royal was instrumental in the destruction of the German battleship Bismarck. A dozen Swordfish torpedo-bombers took off from her deck launched torpedo after torpedo at the giant ship, which was crippled and sank the next day. Within weeks, the Ark Royal was destroyed while sailing off the coast of Gibraltar, torpedoed by a German U-boat. She rested, one kilometre below the surface of the Mediterranean, until her wreck was discovered by Mike Rossiter in 2004.
HMS Royal Oak was torpedoed in Scapa Flow by U-47; Cap. Gunther Prien; October 13th. 1939. Although 25 years old she was a fine and powerful ship. More than 830 of the ship’s company, including over 120 boys were lost.
ARK ROYAL: THE ADMIRALTY ACCOUNT OF HER ACHIEVEMENT: Issued for the Admiralty by the Ministry of Information  London : His Majesty’s Stationary Office 1942. A Sixty-four page paperback illustrated throughout with black and White photographs and three maps showing HMS ARK ROYAL’s position throughout the war.
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