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Includes, other than monographs of the subject, books containing useful content relevant to Great War centred on the North Sea.

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THE NAVAL FRONT painted by Donald Maxwell and Described by Gordon S. Maxwell ; First published in 1920. Interesting illustrations of the Royal Navy, covering actions in the North Sea, Euphrates, Coronel, etc. to bringing down zeppelins in the Thames.
In ‘The Zeebrugge Raid’ Philip Warner explains why the raid was needed and then planned  and describes  in some detail the roles of the individual units involved in this Combined Forces operation. The glossary covers the citations for the Victoria Cross, awards and decorations and a list of casualties.
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The Cuxhaven Raid by R. D.Layman - The World's first carrier air strike. On Christmas Day 1914 a small force of British seaplanes was launched from their carriers to attack the German airship base near Cuxhaven. This book sets out to describe the operation in detail for the first time, examining its preliminaries, planning, results, aftermath, and immediate influence, as well as its execution. This and other Royal Navy books for sale at !
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Naval Memoirs of Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes. Volume 2 ‘Scapa Flo to the Dover Straits 1916 – 1818. Jutland, Dover Patrol, Zeebrugge etc.
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Click image for more details of this book which covers the work of the 10th. Cruiser Squadron in WW1, blockading the North Sea approaches to Northern Europe, mainly using armed merchant cruisers. The author served as a commander in this sevice.
Captain Macintyre, tells of the Battle of Jutland as the culmination of the rise of the German Navy through the early skirmishes and clashes between the Royal and Imperial Navies in the 1914-15' period, the bombardment of Scarborough and Hartlepool and the lively Dogger Bank action in which the battle-cruiser Bluecher was sent to the bottom. Fascinating glimpses of Winston Churchill, Prince Louis of Battenberg, Beatty, Jellicoe and the German Admirals Hipper and Scheer are included.
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Arthur Hungerford Pollen was a well-known naval journalist, and this narrative of the Royal Navy in action (Coronel, Falklands, Jutland, Zeebrugge etc), following introductory chapters on principles of sea power, naval materiel, etc., is of interest as revealing how much, or how little, was known about the principal actions in 1918.
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This book
The Dover Patrol; The Straits: Zeebrugge: Ostend. Including a narrative of the operations in the Spring of 1918 by “Jackstaff” (J. J. Bennett) with an introduction by H. W. Wilson; Author of ‘Ironclads in Action’.
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This book
"All is fair in love and war" goes the saying, but is it? In Outrage at sea; Tony Bridgland examines maritime events which took place during the First World War that severely test this adage. In doing so he succeeds in giving many examples of how the concept of Total War had evolved and how futile efforts had become to exercise some judicial control over the war at sea. Gordon Williamson in U-boats of the Kaiser’s Navy outlines the development of this weapon and the tactics needed to combat Germany’s very effective assault on the Allies’ essential seaborne supply chain throughout WWI.
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DEAD RECKONING by "Klaxon" who served as a submarine officer, relates incidents from the Great War, and conveys to his readers a glimpse of the life and death struggle that had taken place only a handful of years previously. There is plenty of detail. JUTLAND 1916 - Osprey Campaign series 72: Did Jellicoe squander an opportunity to annihilate the German Naval threat once and for all or was he outmanoeuvred by Sheer? Either way the German Battle fleet never threatened Britain again. The Maritime Blockade of Germany in the Great War is a comprehensive collection of the records of the Northern Patrol, perhaps the most constantly active Royal Navy vessels in the Great War, a barely acknowledged yet vital component in the eventual Allied victory.  Containing reports of admirals, relevant official records, and more informal documents.

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