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The title ‘With Full and Grateful Hearts’ is taken from the signal sent by His Majesty King George V to the Fleet at the end of hostilities with Germany on 11th November 1918. It seems an appropriate phrase to describe the purpose of this book in which there are 6,261 names of Royal Marines, when,  where they died and their resting place, where known,  recorded covering the period from 4th August, 1914 to 8th October 1919.
THE NAVAL FRONT painted by Donald Maxwell and Described by Gordon S. Maxwell ; First published in 1920. Interesting illustrations of the Royal Navy, covering actions in the North Sea, Euphrates, Coronel, etc. to bringing down zeppelins in the Thames.
Fisher of Kilverstone: This biography examines hitherto unanswered questions relating to 'the Fisher era'. Special attention is paid to the earlier part of a career extending from the age of sail to the development of sonar in the Great War.
Essentially pictorial book, SUBMARINES WITH WINGS: THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF AIRCRAFT CARRYING SUBMARINES by TERRY C. TREADWELL, with all these pioneering efforts well documented, with many extremely rare photographs of the boats and their purpose-built aircraft. However, much of the story relates to the post-1945 period, when the USA carried out many fascinating but little known developments in submarine aviation, including plans for a submarine-launched jet fighter.
VALIANT SAILORMEN by E. Keble Chatterton: An interesting selection, covering, amongst other subjects, the hunt for the DRESDEN, anti-submarine operations using trawlers, Q-ships and motor launches, the problems keeping open our lines of communication to the Continent in WW1, long-range U-boats (Deutschland) and the Blockade Squadron.

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