The Victorian Navy

Queen Victoria was born Kensington Palace, London, on 24 May 1819 Reigned 1837-1901

For the time being to include, a little incorrectly,
post-Trafalgar to the turn of the 19th. Century..

Mostly Antiquarian - usually auto/biographical of subjects who started their careers in Victorian times

Victorian Navy list Modern section

HEARTS OF OAK by Rear-Admiral H. F. Winningham-Ingram: A collection of articles about the Victorian Royal Navy covering the period from 1836 to 1869 describing events around the world including the Levant, South Seas, South America, California, Mexico, the Baltic, Cyclones of Bermuda, Franco-Italian War, and Garibaldi landing in Sicily.
THE BRITISH NAVY by A. Stenzel, a retired German Imperial Navy Captain, made a thorough study of the Royal Navy at the height of its Victorian prowess. He details with the use of numerous illustrations - many in full page colour, uniforms, ships, recruitment, training, the Admiralty, etc. Although Stenzel was a German, there is a suggestion admiration and envy in this comprehensive study.
Sydney Eardley-Wilmot served in the Royal Navy from 1860 to 1915 and in a raconteurial style provides an insight to Royal Naval service of the period, an interesting history and description of Portsmouth in the latter half of the nineteenth century, the developement of submarines, torpedoes and torpedo craft and his thoughts on defence against these 'new' weapons. Click on this image to go to Rear-Admiral Sir Sydney Eardley-Wilmot's " An Admiral's Memories " page at !
Click here to go to Captain Wonham's "Spun Yarns of a Naval Officer" published in 1917.
Middle Watch Musings by GUNS Q. F. C. and Phyl Theeluker. An illustrated humorous and entertaining look at the Royal Navy in the Edwardian era prior to the Great War.
Click here to go to Admiral Sir Henry Keppel's autobiography entitled " A Sailor's Life Under Four Sovereigns " page at !
PORTS and FAIR HAVENS by Edith King-Hall: A collection of articles previously published in 'The Queen' by the author Edith King-Hall, a member of the King-Hall naval family. Includes the Naval Review to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee including her visit to the Japanese iron clad Fuji, the Entente Cordiale visit of the French Fleet ro Portsmouth and articles on most of the Naval dockyards.
AN ADMIRAL'S YARNS by Vice-Admiral Henry Louis Fleet; Royal Navy Published 1910 by Swan Sonnenschein, London. Yarns and poems of the late Victorian and Edwardian Royal Navy - some based on fact.
The Naval Annuals for 1897, 1901 and 1910. Edited by T. A. Brassey and John Leyland with many illustrations of warships by W. Fred Mitchell.
Click this composite image to see details of Admiral Montagu's earlier book " A Middy's Recollections & page at !


Spunyarn Strands of a sailor's life