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This is a link to a selection  of books for sale on camberpete’s site,  either about William Bligh, H.M.S. Bounty or her mutineers
Naval Social History section: This covers any period where the subject matter is social history or, as in particular memoirs; there is material relevant to the subject. On occasions other navies are featured, not just the Royal Navy.
This is a link to a selection of books for sale at camberpete's site about Seamanship, Pilotage and local knowledge of the English Channel and the Solent area.
The Nelson page provides icons, usually adapted from the the covers, as links to books with Admiral Lord Nelson as the subject, a battle in which he played a prominent part or a warship associated with him or if of particular merit, a book  that refers particularily to his period.
In this site this icon, adapted from the front of this book, and originally from a portrait miniature of Drake, by Nicholas Hilliard in 1581, is used as a link to ‘A page of books about drake'.

This is predominately a text based page but the contents listed here are repeated in the form of icons,
mostly, where possible, based on the book's jacket front - CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE BASED PAGE.

Although, hopefully most of the 'Sailing Navy' books are listed here.
there are other pages where they are grouped together in different categories so some may have been omitted.
Icons above are links to those pages throughout the site.

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Alexander, Caroline The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty
Allen, Kenneth S.
That Bounty Bastard
Aughton, Peter ENDEVOUR: The Story of Captain Cook’s First Great Epic Voyage
Barrow, Sir John
The Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of HMS Bounty its Causes and Consequences
Bennett, Geoffrey
The Battle of Trafalgar
Bligh, Lieutenant William
An Account of the Mutiny on HMS Bounty PB.
Brown, Diana and Colin The Whaler and The Privateer: The story of two ships.
Brahms, Caryl & Sherrin Ned
Benbow Was His Name
Bryant, Arthur NELSON
Cabell, Craig; Thomas Graham A. & Richards, Allan Captain Kidd: The Hunt for the Truth
Churchill, T. O. 
The Life of Lord Viscount Nelson
Cippola, Carlo M.
Guns and Sails
Clark Russell, W. Horatio Nelson and the naval Supremacy of England
Clowes, Sir W. Laird & Burgoyne, Alan H.
Trafalgar Refought
Corbett, Sir Julian Sir Francis Drake
Cordingly, David BILLY RUFFIAN: The Bellerophon and the Downfall of Napoleon
Crawford, Captain A., RN.
Reminiscences of a Naval Officer PB.
Danielsson, Bengt What Happened on the Bounty
de Téramond, Guy LA GUERRE SUR MER: Corsairs, Pirates, Flibustier
Garneray, Ambroise Louis Roland Wilson; A new translation.
Gwyther, John First Voyage: Endeavour: Cook's first voyage 1768-1771
Hattersley, Roy NELSON
Hawkey, Arthur
Bligh's Other Mutiny
Hay, M. D.
Landsman Hay: The memoirs of Robert Hay 1789-1842
Heaps, Leo
Log of the Centurion
Henderson, James The Frigates: An Account of The Lighter Warships of The Napoleonic Wars 193-1815
Hibbert, Christopher
Nelson: A Personal History
Hirschfeld, Burt The Spanish Armada
Hough, Richard
Captain Bligh and Mister Christian
Howard, Dr. Frank Sailing Ships of War 1400-1860
Humble, Richard
Captain Bligh
James, Admiral Sir William
Old Oak: The Life of John Jervis Earl of St. Vincent
James, Admiral Sir William
The British Navy in Adversity
Kemp, Peter
The British Sailor
Kennedy, Gavin
Captain Bligh, The Man and his Mutinies PB.
King, Dave
Every Man Will Do His Duty
Knight, Frank REBEL ADMIRAL: The Life and Exploits of Admiral Lord Cochrane, Tenth Earl of Dundonald
Knighton, C.S. & Loades, D.M.[eds.] The Anthony Roll of Henry VIII's Navy
Lambert, Andrew NELSON: Britannia's God of War
Lavery, Brian The Ship of the Line 1650-1850
Lee, Christopher Nelson and Napoleon: The long haul to Trafalgar
England's Sea Officers
A Social History of the Navy 1793-1815
The Navy in Transition: A social history 1814-1864
Lloyd, Christopher Lord Cochrane: A Life of Thomas, Lord Cochrane, Tenth Earl of Dundonald
Lloyd, Christopher
St Vincent & Camperdown
Lloyd, Christopher
William Dampier
Marcus, G. J. The Formative Centuries
Marcus, G. J. HEART OF OAK; British sea power in Georgian era
Martin, Captain Henry Bayam, R.N. THE POLYNESIAN JOURNAL of HMS Grampus
May, Commander W. E. The Boats of Men of War
McGuane, James P.
Heart of Oak: A Sailor's Life in Nelson's Navy
McKee, Alexander
From Merciless Invaders
McKee, Alexander
Death Raft
McKee, Alexander
The Queen's Corsair
McKenzie, Norman
Fallen Eagle
Mundle, Bob BLIGH Master Mariner
Nicolson, Adam MEN OF HONOUR: Trafalgar and the Making of the English Hero
Nordhoff, Charles & Hall, James Norman
Mutiny on the Bounty [novel]
Northcote Parkinson, C. SAMUEL WALTERS, Lieutenant R.N. - His memoirs
Northcote Parkinson, C.
The Trade Winds: A study of British Overseas Trade 1797-1815
Orde, Denis
Nelson's Mediterranean Command
Padfield, Peter Maritime Power and the Struggle for Freedom
Padfield, Peter Nelson's War
Parsons, Lieutenant George Samuel
I Sailed With Nelson
Pietsch, Roland THE REAL JIM HAWKINS: Ship's Boys in the Georgian Navy
Pengelly, Colin
The First Bellerophon
Perrett, Bryron The Real Hornblower: The Life and Times of Admiral Sir James Gordon
Pocock, Tom
A Thirst for Glory: The life of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith
Pocock, Tom
The Young Nelson in the Americas
Pocock, Tom
Remember Nelson: The life of Captain Sir William Hoste
Pope, Dudley England Expects
Raigersfeld, Rear-Admiral
The Life of a Sea Officer
Rawson, Geoffrey
Letters from Lord Nelson
Roche, Thomas William Edgar The Golden Hind
Rodger, N. A. M. The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain 1649 - 1815
Rubinstein, Hilary L. TRAFALGAR CAPTAIN: Durham of the Defiance
Smith, Jane The Story of Nelson's Portsmouth
Southey, Robert
Stark, Suzanne J. Female Tars
Stamp, Tom & Cordelia
James Cook - Maritime Scientist
Sternlicht, Sanford and Jameson, Edwin M. U.S.F. Constellation "Yankee Racehorse"
Styrett, David & DiNardo, R.L. Occaisional Publications v.1.The Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy
Tenenti, Alberto
Piracy & the Decline of Venice 1580-1615
Terraine, John
Thomas, Nicholas ISLANDERS; The Pacific in the Age of Empires
Thomas, Peter & Tracy, Nicholas MASTER & MADMAN - The Surprising Rise and Disastrous Fall of the Hon Anthony Lockwood RN
Thomson, George Malcolm Sir Francis Drake
Townsend, Rev. Geo. Fyler The Sea Kings of the Mediterranean
Tunstall. B. ed. Tracy, Dr. N. Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail
Uden, Grant
Drake at Cadiz
Usherwood, Stephen & Elizabeth
Counter Armada - The Journal of the Mary Rose
Wilcox. L. A.
Anson's Voyage
Wilkinson, Clennell S. Nelson
Wilkinson, Clennell S.
The Wake of the Bounty
Wilkinson, Clennell S. William Dampier
Wilson, Roland (Translator)
SEAMAN GARNERAY - Voyages, Adventures et Combats.

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