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1904-5 Russo-Japanese War useful general naval and military account
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The Russo-Japanese Conflict 1904-5
David Walder

First published by Hutchinson 1973
This Readers Union edition 1974

A red cloth bound book with gilt lettering to spine in VERY GOOD condition.

Dust wrapper, unclipped - small blind tear on very bottom edge of the front - VERY GOOD condition.

£5.00 which includes UK postage!

Jacket front flap blurb

THE SHORT VICTORIOUS WAR The Russo-Japanese Conflict 1904-5
The Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5 was a European conflict fought by proxy in Korea, Manchuria and the South China Sea. Its origins lay in a Europe stalemated by military alliances. The Trans-Siberian Railway gave the traditional rivalry between Russia and Britain yet another dimension. Russia now had access to the Pacific; her imperial presence in Asia threatened established British interests in the Far East.

When China leased the ice-free Port Arthur to Russian warships the two empires seemed set on a collision course. Reluctant to commit herself to so distant a theatre of war, Britain took the unprecedented step of allying herself with the growing industrial and military power of Japan. In so doing, she found her 'soldier in the East'.

David Walder recreates a conflict too long neglected, save for the Dogger Bank crisis and the voyage of the Baltic Fleet. He discovers some striking pointers to the future: the effectiveness of Japan's imitation of Western militarism; Russian military incompetence which provoked Bloody Sunday and the first Russian Revolution; but above all he reveals how the performance of new weapons and the clash of vast armies and powerful battle fleets were monitored by observers from all the major European powers. A decade later, Europe was to suffer from the lessons learned and unlearned.

This scanned image of the front of the dust wrapper which is unclipped and has a very small blind tear(tape backed) on the white bottom edge - beneath dark horse's back feet.

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