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The books in this section may not necessarily be naval in their entirety and are a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Auto/biographical works, from the "Victorian Book" section, if the subject was instrumental in the promotion or the material development of the naval arms race may be included. Navy League type publications promoting the Royal Navy are here.

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The Naval Annuals for 1897, 1901 and 1910. Edited by T. A. Brassey and John Leyland with many illustrations of warships by W. Fred Mitchell.
An A. & C. Black Peeps Series 1913; PEEPS AT THE ROYAL NAVY - an attractive general work by James Baikie illustrated throughout by Norman Wilkinson in full colour
This meticulously researched book examines the history and evolution of battleships prior to the development of HMS Dreadnought in the early 20th century. These armed and armoured vessels represent the early evolution of the Dreadnoughts, and comprised an extremely varied and somewhat haphazard group of ships, from the early ironclads such as Gloire and Warrior to the later, larger and better armoured ships of the Erzherzog Karl class.
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Click for more details of " How Sailors Fight " page at ! Naval Intelligence from Germany, NRS vol. 152 examines and illustrates the work of the last four officers to hold the post of naval attaché in Berlin before the cataclysm of 1914, Captains Dumas, Heath, Watson and Henderson provided a regular stream of high-grade intelligence to their superiors in Whitehall.
Rear-Admiral Cradock's " Whispers from the fleet " - This hundred year old book written to help midshipmen pass their exams and continue the traditions of the Royal Navy ! Admiral Cradock's squadron's defeat at Coronel was revenged by Sturdee's annihilation of Graf Spee's ships off the Falklands.
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Admiral Sir Francis Bridgeman (1848-1929), one of the most able and respected naval men of his day.Trained in sail and cutlass, he rose to fly his flag in the revolutionary Dreadnought and play a crucial role in the creation of the Grand Fleet of World War I. Yet, for all his distinguished service, Bridgeman hit the headlines only once - on the occasion of his reluctant resignation in 1912 at the request of the ambitious young First Lord, Winston Churchill.
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PORTS and FAIR HAVENS by Edith King-Hall: A collection of articles previously published in 'The Queen' by the author Edith King-Hall, a member of the King-Hall naval family. Includes the Naval Review to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee including her visit to the Japanese iron clad Fuji, the Entente Cordiale visit of the French Fleet ro Portsmouth and articles on most of the Naval dockyards.
THE BRITISH BATTLE-FLEET by Fred T. Jane differs from most 'standard' histories in being concerned with the creation of fleets rather than arcane dissection of ancient sea-fights. It covers the whole sweep of British naval history from Alfred the Great to the era of the Dreadnought battleship, and the colour illustrations by W L Wyllie RA and an incisive introduction by the naval historian Antony Preston add a final flourish to a unique history.
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