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T. Fisher Unwin
Paternoster Square, London

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A navy cloth bound book with red lettering and decoration to the spine and front board. Book scuffed, corners slightly bumped, spine top and bottom worn and beginning to fray. Bevelled edges to boards and back board has a blind publishers logo. Page-block top is stained navy.

There is some brown spotting throughout the book - I think a lot of this is the result of handling as most pages that are affected only have these marks on the outer margins and on some of the tissue guards which, although in good condition, suffer worse from this.

I am not familiar with the methods used in the binding but the 'thread' binding the pages seem to have rusted so perhaps it is wire?

A couple of pages are starting to loosen but page-block is generally sound. The illustrations shown below depict the general appearence of the pages but should you be interested in this book please ask, and if I can, I will scan anything at 300 dpi. for you ! On the pre-title page - "John Thornhill, M.B. Surgeon R.N." is inscribed.

Condition just short of VERY GOOD



a. Sea Power; b. In Remote Times; c. The Middle Ages; d. Modern Times; e. Commencement of the Glorious Days of the Navy; f. Expansion of the Dominion of Britain into a World- Empire; g. Work of the Navy in times of peace.


a. Introduction; b. Historical Development; c. Present Organisation: Naval Lords and their spheres; Parliamentary and Financial Secretary; Permanent Secretary; the Naval Intelligence Department; the Hydrographic Department; the Royal Marine Office; the Office of the Admiral Superintendent of Naval Reserves; the Department of the Medical Director- General of the Navy; the Religious Service of the Navy ; the Department of the Director of Transports; the Victualling Department; the Constructive Branch; the Ordnance Department; the Director of Dockyards; the Naval Store Department; the Accounts Branch; the Department of the Director of Works; Greenwich Hospital; the Accountant General of the Navy; the Contract and Purchase Department; the Joint Naval and Military Committee of Defence.


a. Duties of Defence; b. Offensive Action; Employment of the Navy in War.


A. Home Stations; a. Home Dockyards; Portsmouth Dockyard;
b. the Home Gun-Wharves; c. the Home Victualling Yards; d. Hospitals; e. Barracks.
B. Naval Stations Abroad; the Mediterranean Station, Gibraltar; the East Indies Station ; the China Station; the Australia Station; the Pacific Station; the Station of the Cape of Good Hope and the West Coast of Africa; the Station of North America and the West Indies; Coast Defences.


a. The Corps of Naval Officers; i. Historical Introduction. Relative Rank. 2. Present Organisation. b. Officers of the Marines; c. Engineers; d. Surgeons; e. Naval Chaplains; f. Naval Instructors; g. Accountant Officers; h. Warrant Officers; i. Seamen; i. Historic Account; 2. Continuous Service; k. the Personnel of the Engine-Room; 1. the Artificers on board; m. the Ship's Police; n. the Ship's Cook; o. the Ship's Steward; p. the Marines. r. History. 2. the Present State of Affairs; q. Strength of the Naval Forces; r. the Coast-Guard; s. the Royal Naval Reserve; t. the Seamen-pensioners Reserve; u. Pensions and Allowances; v. Greenwich Hospital.


The "Britannia"; the Training School for Engineers at Keyham; Observatories at Greenwich and at the Cape; the Compass and Chronometer Sections; the Nautical Almanac; the Royal United Service Institution; the Institution of Naval Architects.


a. Historic; b. for Officers; c. for the Crews; d. Modern Uniforms: A. Officers, B. Crews: a. In sailor's dress; b. Not in sailor's dress.




a. Historic; b. Present Circumstances; c. Service on board; d. the Provisions; e. Discipline on Board; f. Hygiene; g. Conclusion.


A. Ships: r. Historic Development: a. Armour-Plated Men-ofWar; b. Cruisers; 2. Latest Developments. B. Armour. C. Steam- Engines. D. Ordnance. E. Mines and Torpedoes: r. Mines; 2. Spar-torpedoes; 3. Torpedoes; 4. Miscellaneous. F. Strength of the Navy. G. Naval Estimates.





a. Full page.
full colour pages

1. Nelson's " Victory" at the battle of Trafalgar.
2. Harbour of Portsmouth.
3. Uniforms of Naval Officers. *
4. Swords, badges, &c. of Naval Officers. *
5. Articles of dress of Naval Officers.*
6. Sleeve facings of Naval Officers. *
7. Epaulettes of Naval Officers. *
8. Shoulder straps of Naval Officers. *
9. Badges, &c. of Petty Officers and crews. *
10. Flags. *
11. Screw Ship-of-the-Line "Duke of Wellington ".
12. First Class Armoured Cruiser "Black Prince ".
13. Third Class Battleship "Iron Duke ".
14. First Class Battleship " Camperdown ".
15. First Class Battleship " Trafalgar ".
16. First Class Protected Cruiser "Blenheim".
17. Third Class Protected Cruiser " Bellona ".
18. First Class Torpedo Gunboat "Speedy".
19. First Class Battleship "Royal Sovereign .
20. First Class Battleship "Centurion".
21 . First Class Armed Cruiser "Crescent".
22. Second Class Armed Cruiser " Hermione .
23. Torpedo-boat Destroyer "Daring".
24. First Class Battleship " Renown ".
25. First Class Battleship "Magnificent".
26. Six Inch Breechloading gun, &c.
27. Six Inch Quick-firing gun, &c.
28. Troopship " Euphrates ".
29. First Class Vedette-boat.
30. H. M. S. " Hornet ".

b. Printed in text.

1. Ship of William the Conqueror
2. "Henry Grace h Dieu" of Henry VIII
3. "Sovereign of the Seas" of Charles I.
4. Portrait of Robert Blake
5. Portrait of Lord Hawke
6. Portrait of Lord Rodney
7. Portrait of Lord Nelson
8. Portrait of Lord Charles Beresford
9. Portrait of Rt. Honble. G. J. Goschen
10. Portrait of Duke of York
11. Portrait of Prince of Wales
12. Portrait of German Emperor, William II
13. Royal Naval College at Greenwich
14. Three-decker "Duke of Wellington"
15. The Minotaur
16. Coast defence ship "Royal Sovereign"
17. The "Bellerophon"
18. Six pd. Quick firing gun . ....... ..
19. Pour inch Quick firing gun
20. 4-7 inch Quick firing gun
21. Six pr. Quick firing gun
22. Six inch breech loader
23. Six inch Quick firing gun
24. Spar torpedo
25. Whitehead Torpedoes

c. Diagrams printed in text.

1. The "Warrior"
2. The "Agincourt"
3. The "Bellerophon"
4. The "Hercules"
5. The "Invincible"
6. The "Monarch"
7. The "Hotspur"
8. The "Rupert"
9. The "Devastation"
10. The "Dreadnought"
11. The "Inflexible"
12. The "Temeraire"
13. The Agamemnon"
14. The "Benbow"
15. The Collingwood"
16. The "Sans pareil"
17. The "Nile"
18. The "Imperieuse"
19. The "Aurora"
20. The "Blake"
21. The "Royal Sovereign"
22. The "Barfleur"
23. The "Edgar"
24. The "Astra"
25. The "Renown"
26. The "Majestic"
27. The "Terrible"
28. The "Eclipse"
29. Armour of "Warrior"
30. Armour of "Hercules"

d. Maps and Plans. (fold-out)

1. Great Britain with the "British" and "Narrow Seas."
2. Plymouth Harbour and Devonport Dock. (a shadowy version of this is used as background to this webpage)
3. Chatham Harbour and Dockyard.
4. Portsmouth Harbour and Dockyard.

This image of the spine shows the rubbing to the edges and the wear and the fraying,to the bottom and partcularily to the top of the spine. Move the cursor over the image of the front board to see the title page superimposed.
This image of the title page gives an indication of the worst of the brown spotting in this book. Remove cursor from this image to revert to an image of the front board with its decoration. The extent of rubbing and the very slight sdamage to the cornwers is evident.

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