R. Woodman Under False Colours

Under False Colours by Richard Woodman

A Nathaniel Drinkwater Novel

Under False Colours by Richard Woodman: This small phone-photograph is intended to show the general appearance and condition.

 Book's details: 

247 pages. 165 mm. x 240 mmm. x 27 mm.

Weight unwrapped 660 grams for postage > 750 grams.

Price: £22:50 including U.K. postage.
For overseas postage quote please email.

 Book's front flap blurb: 

In 1809, operating on the orders of the Admiralty’s Secret Department. Captain Nathaniel Drinkwater goes to earth in the stews of London’s dockland, assuming the disguise of a shipmaster of the Merchant Marine of low character. An engineered encounter with a known French agent in a brothel advertises the fact that he will shortly be carrying a cargo of military stores to Russia.

Intended to flout Napoleon’s Continental System and drive a wedge between the French Emperor and his new ally. Tsar Alexander, the mission miscarries, disrupted by tempestuous weather and the loss of the escort, a gun-brig commanded by Drinkwater’s friend and protégé, Lieutenant James Quilhampton.

Reaching the British-occupied island of Helgoland, Drinkwater resolves on a stroke bolder than that conceived by the Admiralty and in carrying it out at great personal risk, learns the fate of Quilhampton and the strange role of a beautiful widow.

This is the tenth compelling story in the life of Nathaniel Drinkwater.


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