Novel: GOLDSHIP by Frank Ross

GOLDSHIP by Frank Ross

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Gold Ship by Frank Ross: This small phone-photograph is intended to show the general appearance and condition.

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 Book's front flap blurb: 

December 1918: For his Majesty’s Ship Drummer, an old converted merchant ship that had fruitlessly patrolled the South Atlantic for over a year looking for action and not finding it, the sighting of the French windjammer offered them merely the opportunity to tell an ally that they were sailing in peace, Germany had pressed for an armistice and war was over.

What jack Muir, Drummer’s captain, had only minutes left to discover that his war had just begun. A private bloody war, as insane as it was inexplicable.

In the space of three hours Drummer finds her lost war, locked in physical and mental combat with a shop whose cargo is so precious men pay for it with their lives. Even in defeat, there is defiance. Duplicity, intrigue and treachery are the order of the day as, lashed together, Drummer fights to tow her unbelievable prize home.

‘GOLDSHIP’ is a novel, a work of fiction. But it is not entirely based in the imagination. There was, in reality, such a ship as the one Drummer meets and the author has leant heavily upon its existence for authenticity. That is all. The rest is in the mind of a young sailor – Charlie Picket, who, if books have heroes, comes as close to being one as life allows.

If you like your adventure strong, if you like people even more than adventure, ‘GOLDSHIP’ is a story you will not easily forget.


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