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This series by the respected naval historian, Richard Hough, consist of three books. Buller's Guns, Buller's Dreadnought and Buller's Victory.

These three books follow the Royal Navy careers of the two heroes Archie Buller and Rod MacLewin and their families, from the Naval Brigades in the Boer War, the Battle of Jutland to service in Q-boats against the German U-boat menace.

At the end of WW1 a RN patrol comes across a French sailing ship which turns out to be German Loaded with gold and on a clandestine mission . . . . A scarce hardback copy of this WWI naval adventure. Arguably one of the very few hardcover copies of this book for sale recently.

In Richard Woodman's 10th. Nathaniel Drinkwater novel powerful Jewish merchants, corrupt customs officials, a French Marshal and a beautiful widow of ambiguous loyalty play their part in this compelling story with its background Napoleon’s Europe.

The Far Side of the World by Patrick O’Brian – Book for sale with emphasis focussed on its beautiful condition dust wrapper..

These novels by an American author, the late Wilder Perkins, are set in Portsmouth and Weymouth. The Hero, Lieutenant Bartholomew Hoare, who can only speak in a whisper, due to a war wound, serves the Port Admiral as an intelligence officer and detective. The three novels are Hoare and the Portsmouth Atrocities, Matter of Treason and the Headless Captains.

Jonathan Lunn's first novel in the Killigrew series of six books is set in the heady days of the Pax Britannica, when the technology of the industrial revolution was drawing the Royal Navy into an exciting new era, and introduces a fascinating new series of swashbuckling adventures on the high seas in the reign of a young Queen Victoria.

Thomas Kidd was promoted to acting lieutenant at the bloody Battle of Camperdown in October 1797. Now he must sit an examination to confirm his rank – or face an inglorious return before the mast. This is Julian Stockwin's fifth Kidd novel.
An immaculate signed first edition!

 The Devil's Own Luck - The first Harry Ludlow novel 

 The Scent of Betrayal - The fifth Harry Ludlow novel 

 By the Mast Divided - The first John Pearce novel