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by E. G. Vanlint

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First published 2000
printed by Lavenham Press Ltd., UK

Book's condition and details:

A soft covered card bound book - No inscriptions - binding square and tight - no marks - Condition is NEAR FINE with very little sign of wear.

A extremely nice copy

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218 pages. 170 mm. x 240 mmm. x 12 mm.

Weight unwrapped 483 grams

Weight wrapped <750 grams.

Price: £11.00 plus postage priced as per table at right!

About young British soldiers, from the last months of WW2 until the Berlin Airlift, serving in war torn Germany, whose population of women, children and old men were on the verge of starvation, and where a bar of chocolate could provide the answer to all their dreams and frustrations.

A small scanned image of "Absent-inded Beggers" by Will Bennett showing the condition and general appearance


A true story of a young man's experiences as a serviceman in the aftermath of the Second World War and the start of the Cold War. We are given an enthralling insight into the minutiae of the lives of conscripts as they struggle to ameliorate, by fair means or foul, their personal conditions within a pretty secure military setup, whilst outside in Europe there are civilians around them struggling literally to stay alive , and prepared to give or do anything for survival.

From the last months of World War II until the Berlin Airlift, with bankrupt Britain trying to cope with dismantling its Empire, whilst finding employment for its war weary veterans, these teenage soldiers were upholding British prestige in Berlin during the worst winter of the century.

This is a book full of precious gems of reminiscences, and running through it all like a guiding beacon is the love between the author and his young fiancée and wife, giving him a powerful raison d'être which sets his life in context, helps him resist the temptations on offer and keeps him on the straight and narrow.

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