Napoleonic War Moscow 1812

The Burning of Moscow 1812

by Daria Olivier

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Originally published in Paris 1964 as "L'incedie de Moscow" by Laffont. This first English translation published in 1966 by: George Allen and Unwin Ltd. London.

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THE BURNING OF MOSCOW 1812: Daria Olivier, with the help of freshly released documents, brings much new light to bear on this exciting moment in history including, who started the fires and was this the beginning of the end for Napoleon? These and much more is investigated in detail.

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The Burning of Moscow 1812 by Daria Olivier

Everyone knows that Moscow burst into flames when Napoleon entered the city in September 1812, at the climax of his Russian campaign, but surprisingly few can answer the many questions involved: Who started the fires? How long did Napoleon remain in the burning city and what did he do while he was there? What happened to the Muscovites? Did the fires consume everything? Was the burning of Moscow really for Napoleon, the beginning of the end? Why did he decide, for the first time in his career to retreat? In this full and graphic account of a disaster that was decisive in world history, and in its aftermath, these and other questions are answered.

Using the enormous collection of Russian documents that was made public in the U.S.S.R. on the 150th. Anniversary of the ‘Patriotic War’, Daria Oliver, herself of Russian parentage and birth, has brought much new light to bear on this exciting moment in history. At the same time, she has studied the behaviour of the principle protagonists, especially Tsar Alexander I, and has exercised the maximum objectiveness in her juxta positioning of the original texts from both adversaries. Other fascinating characters abound, especially the wily Kutusov, the Russian Commander-in-Chief. Rostopchim, the Governor of Moscow, Wilson, the British Ambassador to the Tsar, Murat Caulaincourt and the rest of the French marshals.

A great Russian poet referred to the 1812 campaign as a ‘War of Giants’, and this absorbing story makes his meaning clear.